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The Dark Knight
22 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Expect the unexpected in this Nolan's masterpiece"

I saw the 3:00 a.m. screening at IMAX, and to all of yous that are going to see it, I must warn you: BE PREPARED for some serious HEAVY shit! And to all the Batman fans I must warn you twice!

First of all this is not a "comic-book" movie, its a "movie" based on a comic-book that resonates today's real world, so don't expect the kind of fun you had with Iron-man. Nolan blends the comic-book myths into realistic situations: What would really happen or what are the consequences if a man behind a mask takes justice into his own hands? that is actually a question raised at the end of Batman Begins when Gordon (Oldman) talks about "escalation", he tells Batman that there are consequences to his actions and those consequences are (I must say again) realistically formulated in TDK. So (again) realistic doesn't mean campy! BUT it doesn't mean that the action has to be too logical either, after all is Batman we're talking about and Batman needs some GOOD (over-the-top) action sequences, and these will deliver thrills and will leave you stunted!

Nolan doesn't bother explaining a linear straight story even though its chronological but multi-layered and every layer function as a puzzle you have to solve on your own, and its not hard to do so, as the movie unravels itself. What is straight and linear is the feeling and timing you get throughout the movie, as the 150 min. pass you will feel you haven't waste a second, and this is why my friends: its a MASTERPIECE! a SYMPHONY! an OPERA! : it is long but just literally.

There is something raw, visceral, artistic, beautiful and dramatic with the WOW factor always present. Nolan sucks you in, makes you exited, happy, thrilled and then rips you apart with no tenderness.Hey that's just the way Chris Nolan is.

the hero-flicks are gonna change because Nolan has raised the standard.

* I think they are oscar worthy, though the academy probably will think they're top hot for hero-film.