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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Led Zeppelin DVD

Led Zeppelin DVD(2003)

why is this in the movie database? well anyway i've been watching this for like ten years now and it's so great and massive that it never gets old. extremely well-curated dvd production that has aged well in the time of high definition transfers and writes the book on definitive live musical statements on home video. they really went all out here with the archival stuff and we all have our nitpicky complaints regarding MORE concert footage but come on besides stop making sense this is the best document of a live band ever released.

the 1970 royal albert hall show is my favorite. material from the first two zeppelin albums are stretched and mutated, jammed to exhaustion with incredible results. pure magic. this is also by far the best filmed show out of the three main performances in the dvd. bonzo's drums in particular sound heavy and devastating. also in the first disc are some interestingly awkward tv appearances and a killer fucking live set for some denmark radio station. you can tell the teenage audience wasn't prepared for what they were about to see and it's a great intimate performance.

disc 2 has good outtakes from the song remains the same film (with a great rendition of "since i've been loving you") but earl's court 1975 brings it to another level. there's a terrific acoustic set here highlighted by "that's the way" and then an insane electric set that captures the band at what's most likely their peak as a live band. it's a high energy performance where the band's almost telephatic interplay is displayed in their machine-like potency. the knebworth performances were shows that were retroactively panned by the group but these came out much better than i thought. they look like old ass out of place dudes past their prime but they still sound pretty good considering it's pretty much the end. i think a lot of this stuff is hampered with the less than stellar material from their last two albums (although "achilles last stand" still rips in this performance).