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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers(2013)

I knowingly went into this movie knowing that it hinged on Franco's performance. It doesn't take much for young girls to "act" like party girls, so that wasn't going to carry it. A good chunk of this movie looks like stock footage from MTV's The Grind. There is an exceedingly annoying repetition of footage with an even more extraneous amount of Franco's character's voice-overs. Most of the time he's just saying "spring break" over and over and over. All attempts at being artistic with it, just make it look like lazy filmmaking to me. The movie is 1h33m long, but probably only contains 50 minutes of non-repeated footage. In the end James Franco couldn't carry the movie. It seems his character was too ridiculous even for him to believe, and is pretty unconvincing. Even less convincing is the ending where you're supposed to believe that 100 pound idiot girls are going to take on a mass of hardcore gangsters with machine guns. To be honest, I probably would have gotten more out of watching "The Real Cancun" (but I won't)