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Spring Breakers

I knowingly went into this movie knowing that it hinged on Franco's performance. It doesn't take much for young girls to "act" like party girls, so that wasn't going to carry it. A good chunk of this movie looks like stock footage from MTV's The Grind. There is an exceedingly annoying repetition of footage with an even more extraneous amount of Franco's character's voice-overs. Most of the time he's just saying "spring break" over and over and over. All attempts at being artistic with it, just make it look like lazy filmmaking to me. The movie is 1h33m long, but probably only contains 50 minutes of non-repeated footage. In the end James Franco couldn't carry the movie. It seems his character was too ridiculous even for him to believe, and is pretty unconvincing. Even less convincing is the ending where you're supposed to believe that 100 pound idiot girls are going to take on a mass of hardcore gangsters with machine guns. To be honest, I probably would have gotten more out of watching "The Real Cancun" (but I won't)


Despite a well-rounded, strong performance from Jack Black (probably one of his best efforts where he's actually acting) and some pretty good support from Maclaine, McConaughey, in the end this dark comedy just doesn't have enough dark moments or comedic moments to make it a solid classic.

Cure: Strange Museum

No new information to see here. This documentary just took a bunch of random guys that barely know anything about The Cure and tried to make it into a movie. Steve Severin's there, but it sounds like he has been hijacked from some party or get-together, shuffled off into a room and asked to answer questions while people on the other side of a thin wall are enjoying themselves without him. There's only snippets of recorded comments from Smith, and a lot of repetitive non-Cure (but Cure-esque) music at the start of each segment, which is announced by what looks to be Powerpoint slides. At the end you're convinced this is some media arts student's school project that was worth 5% of their grade and earned them a C-.


Detropia focuses on several overdone themes of what plagues Detroit. There isn't a lot of new ground broken here, and most of the typical narratives were better covered in the Detroit In Overdrive series on Discovery. The one thing it does succeed at is the honesty of our situation in the global market. There are some bright spots covered (the affordability factor, new jobs, potential population growth), but not a lot of exploration into potential long term solutions for Detroit, or for the nation as a whole. It simply seems to accept that we're heading to a forked road where the only paths seems to be: accept an inevitable loss of living standard or violent civil unrest.


If you like Russell Brand, you'll like this movie. If you don't, you won't. Personally, I enjoy him, and found "Arthur (Version 2.0)" to have more than its fair share of laughs. Brand also managed (with the help of Helen Mirren) to supply a few genuinely touching moments.

Tin Men
Tin Men(1987)

A fairly entertaining movie in its own right, but is made by Bill's (Dreyfuss's Character) rain-soaked, scene where he professes (or tries to profess) his love for Nora. It's hard to pull of dialogue like that unless you're Jack Nicholson.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

A great idea executed incredibly poorly. Sucker Punch takes the audience around in a flashy circle of fiery dream worlds that burn itself up in the process. The first problem is the main dream world is the movie "Showgirls." The second problem is the other dream worlds are not as stimulating or as exciting as the trailers may tout, and have horrible overlaps of weaponry and themes from every futuristic, sci-fi, fantasy, and shoot 'em up you've ever seen. Then, once the objectives are completed, the resolution is pretty much worthless. The interaction of the girls should have taken place in the real world a la "Girl Interrupted" and the dream world's should have been more linear in plot and possibly special-linked to each girl. The main villain (the step-father) disappears in thin air, and the only resolution comes for a side-bar character in senseless fashion leaving the protagonist still in the dark. Not getting the resolution you hope for can sometimes be surprisingly satisfying sometimes, if done well, but at the end of "Sucker Punch" it seems that nothing's done at all.

The King's Speech

Surprisingly witty, humorous, and entertaining given the subject matter. The performances were as advertised. Absolutlely delightful.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Tron Legacy is exactly how it should be. It's visually stimulating, makes the proper nods to the original, and continues the story from a logical point while leaving things open for more. At the same time it flirts with depth in that of Flynn and Clu are mirror images of one another, each planning to build lives and take their races into the worlds of the other. It also flirts with ideas about existence, the human condition, ideas of self, and the future of man intertwined with technology. At the same time, the movie gives you the frivolous things you want out of TRON 2.

Over the Edge

Pretty much a movie made for mindless destructive idiot teenagers, or those that fantasize about being so. A lot of violence made by a bunch of undeveloped burn-out characters, and that's about it. Just more proof that any of the music and movies that Kurt Cobain mentioned liking probably suck.


I missed this in theatres because I actually believed critics who reduced it to sounding like a mix of overused themes rolled under the Burton name and presented as new. While I can see some of what made people say these things, this movie is much deeper than even the sum of Terminator, other Burton animations, and the Matrix.

It's also much more than its visuals. There are no campy scenes of comic relief to take you out of the plot. You're completely invested in the characters from start to finish. Not only do the characters seem human, but they are written to be part of us in a way I never saw coming. There are several scenes, especially the Victrola scene, that are more organic that what I see in post-apocalyptic movies with real actors. Really, this movie would work in no other way than how it's set up, and I think it's set up perfectly.

Even more importantly, it presents a completely destroyed world without being preachy, which is nearly impossible. Even Wall-E was way too preachy for its own good. This is not. Acker has captured the conflict of man vs. machine (even with man being extinct), fascism, biological warfare, religion, mythology, and other themes (some that have been beaten to death), and made them into a refreshing and well-written movie.

District 9
District 9(2009)

A great story filmed and told in a very refreshing way with several applications to the way we treat one another now, and have in the past. When a movie can make you heartily sympathize with something that was created in a CGI lab, well that's just great story telling. The only issue is how cluttered it seems at times, but it doesn't stop you from being completely captivated.

In Like Flint

Great Bond side-stepper. Sexy ladies trying to take over the world? It would work on me.

Sleep Dealer
Sleep Dealer(2009)

This movie does one thing that nearly every futuristic movies has failed to do lately. It creates a realistic future with characters who are captivating and real. Despite the technological advances of nodes for people to meld with machines to work remotely and to even connect with one another for enhanced experiences, the world still has the same problems. The problems, and the people are much the same as they have always been (sadly there is still reality TV). There is no dystopia where everything has fallen apart, and there is no utopia where people live overly perfect lives based on lies. This movie does well to avoid both cliches and present a refreshing look into a possible future.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Nothing has captured the pathetic stupidity of office life and somehow turned it into humor better than this movie. It allows any person working partially or fully in an office environment to take a step back every day, when these situations arise, to either laugh or even stick up for themselves.

It's a nice commentary on modern life, why it blows, and why so many people are depressed and unsatisfied with life in general. Do not watch this movie before a work-day. You probably won't be worth much at your job the next day.


Cluttered, boring, and a total undermining of both lead actors' abilities. It would have been better had the plot been a mix of "Duplex" and "Multiplicity."

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Typical chick flick fluff. However, it managed to make MM likeable for once, and Michael Douglas' role in this movie was hilarious. He's like Gordon Gecko, but of bonin'!

Dead Snow (Dd sn)

Very entertaining. Some great kills in this movie, but it really could have had a better conclusion.


Very painful to watch. Even harder to laugh, gag, and feel sympathy pains for the dismembered...uhhh members. Of course there's no feeling sorry for the actual male characters themselves, because pretty much every guy in the town is some awful sexual deviant and has it coming to them.

The purity rings and the fact Hale Appleman's character could pass as a fictional Jonas brother, I found to be entertaining, whether it was done intentionally or not.

It has a few moments that will stick with you and be referenced in your inner circle of friends for a while, so don't watch it alone.

Evil Bong
Evil Bong(2006)

Awful acting, as expected, but not enough cheese for it's own good. Tommy Chong's appearance is the only thing that keeps this movie from being completely worthless.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

This movie was much better when I saw it the first time with puppets, more humor, and when it was called "Team America: World Police"

Drag Me to Hell

If it's a horror movie and I have to shut it off, that says a lot. Awful movie.


A good zombie flick. Probably close to a top 5 for that genre, maybe.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Yeah it's a girly cry fest, and yeah, I'm going to give up my manhood to say "I liked it a lot." What the movie's trailers do not sell is just how humorous the situation is, which is both intentional and unintentional within the script.

I thought it was the funniest sad movie I've seen since Eternal Sunshine.

The Surge
The Surge(2001)

I know this movie is pretty bad, but I still enjoy it. It's like a flip side of "The Faculty" meets some B-movie about a group of super-heroes who were pulled straight from the high school in "Jawbreaker". The first 20 minutes will either pull you in or make you shut it off. Trust your instincts either way.

Two Lovers
Two Lovers(2008)

The movie begins with a wonderfully funny and awkward courtship beginning, and eventually spins off its axis into crazy town. Phoenix and Paltrow's characters are crazy, dramatic, bad people that deserve to end up with each other, but will it happen? Eventually you stop caring about all but Shaw's character, but it's such a weird ride, you just keep watching.

It has it's moments.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

I liked it, but I don't think it was as moving as people told me it would be. Of course this is no fault of the actors. They are all incredible. It's just very easy to predict, and that may take away from the emotional factor.

Public Enemies

It's a good movie, but the death of Nelson and the fact that the Cubs were playing the Yankees on the radio (which isn't possible) really bothered me. Just as much a work of fiction as it is a real story, so take that in account.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

I had no interest in seeing this but it became part of an Original 3 kings night, and I gotta say it was probably the funniest movie I've seen since "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

The International

One of the best ideas done wrong since "Identity"

Manhattan Melodrama

Very choppy at the beginning, and then slow going toward the climax. However, the last half of the movie is where the three leads work their magic and suck you in to caring about each of their circumstances. The ending sequence nearly brought me to tears.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

Every movie made in this style seems to have a common theme...crap.

The Iron Giant

A wonderful film with a great 1950's paranoia used as a backdrop. Might be a little scary for little kids, though.


The degree to which I laughed and enjoyed this film is disturbing in the fact that's it proof that I really haven't matured all that much. I actually liked this film just as much as Borat. Although Cohen has a tendency to take the easy path on a lot of jokes, he more than makes up for it in some of the risks he takes for his more elaborate ruses. With all the lawsuits, rage, and discomfort he brings upon himself for his characters, I wonder how he'll continue to do this without serious repercussions, like, maybe getting himself lynched by an angry mob.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

One star for John Turturro. One star for Megan Fox and slow-motion bobbing breasts.


I was very happy with this movie. It's actually in a dead heat with Toy Story for my favorite Pixar movie. The characters for this movie are a little more real and down to earth than usual. At the same time, the two main characters are performing very extraordinary feats that seem overly daunting for both of them, but then you realize that the movie's nemesis being so agile is even less likely. If you suspend your doubts and just enjoy it as a cartoon, it's a lot of fun with a lot of feeling.


A must see for any self-proclaimed Star Wars geek. It's hard to believe this film couldn't find a wider release.


A graphically sexual film about people that don't know they're unhappy going through life's growth spurts and realizing they are. The characters don't really figure it out in the end. It's pretty much a pointless semi-preachy infomercial for alternative lifestyles saying it's fine to be continually unsatisfied with your sex life and life in general as you bounce around unhappily. So if you're that type of person, this should work for you.

Personally, I'm just unsatisfied John Cameron Mitchell followed up a masterpiece like "Hedwig..." with this. No wonder we haven't heard from him since, and if his next project is anything like this, I'll be fine if I didn't again.


Other than the main character's antics at work after he finds out who he really is, it's just a bad action movie.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Not good. Not bad. The acting is superb. However, the movie is pretty much completely dismissible and pointless.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

It's a cute movie. It's a little young for me, in the sense that the relationship issues in this movie would roll right off of someone my age, and not really matter as much. It's not really geared for my demographic, though, and I would have liked it better if I were 21ish.


Bill Maher doing what he does best about any controversial subject. Just like his show he...

1) Pretends to have an open mind on the subject while being incredibly biased

2) Sets up a straw man defense for the other side

3) Revesl in the glory of how right and smart he is

I used to love Maher, but once you figure out his game, it gets older than a stalemate in Monopoly after 2 hours. The movie ends where it starts, pretty much. There aren't any normal reasonably educated people to refute and explain a relatively central viewpoint. He does talk to one scientist who happens to be a Christian, and that was obviously cut and included his voice-overs to favor himself.

There's really not a lot of inclusion of people like myself, those who: don't necessarily believe any religion is the correct one, accept the differences of others, have a scientific background, and are relative religious as well (because, you know, that can't coexist). Maher's always played himself as an Agnostic and open to the idea, but the truth is he's always had a certain detest for not just Christianity, but all religions in general. That's kind of what you expect, though, from someone as soul-less as Bill Maher.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita  bella)

Pretty much one of the best movies ever made.

Punisher: War Zone

I'm convinced the true nature of the Punisher only really translates in print. Staying true to the comic ends up being a cheesy shoot 'em up, and lightening him up and making it enjoyable on the big screen isn't true to the comic (the Thomas Jane Punisher). People should just stop trying to make this work.

I Love You, Man

It had it's moments, but it didn't have enough serious content to be touching and didn't have enough laughs to be a great comedy. The climax is lackluster considering the extreme qualities of Jason Segel's character. Strangely, I think more women will appreciate this movie from the outsider perspective, except for the Rush stuff. Girls just don't like Rush.

Swing Vote
Swing Vote(2008)

This is a really good movie if you allow yourself to get into it. Sure, it's not very realistic, and there are issues with the idea that anything down to one vote doesn't allow for a secret ballot, and even then, you're looking at recounts and legal battles, etc., etc.

What is good about it, is how ridiculously out of hand Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper pander to win the main character's vote, and how dead on it is. The only difference in real life is it's done to demographic groups.

I also like how Costner really isn't the loveable loser, down-on-his-luck hard-working class hero whose circumstances are no fault of his own. In some ways he's quite easy to hate at times during this movie.

The end sequence before the debate is also very touching.


There seems to be a division in the people that read it before they watched it. Some of us think it was true enough to form, and some of us think it was way off. I'm going to be in the first group, because short of the changes in the ending, it was pretty dead on, despite trimmings of the side stories (Tales of the Black Freighter, The Newspaper Stand), Minutemen backgrounds, and a few things that were simplified to save time (Rorschach's getting his mask back, etc.).

The opening images of the movie should be enough to please any reasonable purist. The intent and message of the movie is the same as the graphic novel, so I think some people just went in there to hate it because it was a movie and are nit-picking.

Those that think that the movie was violent and obscene didn't take the time to learn anything about what they were seeing, and their pedestrian opinion about it doesn't really matter.

Personally, I didn't see a lot of compromise, until the ending (no calamari ending...yeah yeah...get over it), and I understand it because it's a little easier to swallow for the people who haven't read the graphic novel. There was sex and violence in the novel, so that didn't seem gratuitous to me (minus Archie's flame-thrower going off, and that was humorous). Jackie Earle Haley completely nails the Rorschach role, and J.D. Morgan nails the comedian. The rest of the cast is good enough, and I have no complaints there.

Easily one of the better adaptations I've seen.


Easily the best movie of it's type that I've seen. The action is fairly realistic, the story is realistic, the acting is really solid as well. Also, there are not fifteen different plot twists or any other nonsense that ruins today's action movies. It also teaches the important lesson that nobody should like U2 anymore, bad things will happen to you if you do.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

One of the most compelling documentaries you will ever see. The strange thing is...it's about video games.

My Name Is Bruce

Definitely a treat for fans of Bruce. A little slow to the start, and a little short on fun action sequences. However, Campbell's humor and willingness to poke fun at himself produces enough laughs to make it a fun watch.


Incredible! The best thing about this movie is, of course, the animation. More importantly, however, is each part of the animation plays a role in the story. Not just the characters are active, but, the scenes themselves, act as participants to the plot (and not just passively) in the alternate world, and in reality.

This movie also tends to, for the most part, bypass any extra characters that are not essential to the plot. There's nobody stuck in there just to function for a laugh, or a scare, which leaves the plot to flow and thicken without pulling you out of the movie.

However, I would not want to deal with any small children after taking them to this movie. If I were a child and saw this, I would be scared out of my wits over a few things that I will not mention for the sake of those that haven't seen it yet. Let's just say it has a brilliant eeriness that, at times could even send shivers down an adult's spine.

Unfortunately there was no 3D for us, but if it becomes available, I'm willing to pay to see it again in 3D.

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2(2008)

I'm still in disbelief about how bad this movie is. I wasn't expecting much, but other than the two laughs Amy Poehler provided, there wasn't anything in it for me.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

After seeing most of Aronofsky's films, this is not exactly what I expected. This movie has a great feel to it. The camera work was a perfect mix of "Rocky" and "Beyond The Mat." It definitely sucks you into the story, and Randy's life, and it makes the whole thing seem more realistic. Granted, sometimes that can be a downer for people looking for a movie to escape from reality, but it's also what sets this movie apart.


Something very dark and dissociated from normal humanity that you would expect more of today, than in the 1940s. Although it's very very loosely based upon the Leopold and Loeb case, it has it's own creator-given darkness. It gives a air of creepiness and disbelief about the capabilities of human cruelty, without remorse. It also does this through the acting, rather than easy novelties like blood and guts spilled by an inhuman psychopath.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

I came in with low expectations on this one, as I had not heard great things. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I also thought Carrey's humor evolved in this movie. Instead of relying on his usual, wacky overexaggeration of speech and gestures, his humor in this movie relied more on timing, delivery, and appropriate response to situations surrounding him. That's not to say that they didn't have Carrey do his usual thing, but it was not the foundation of the humor. This was a very refreshing surprise, and despite the similarities in plot to "Liar, Liar" that have been mentioned (or should I say beaten into the ground), keeps the movie from feeling like it's a repeat.

The supporting cast provides a great environment for Carrey to thrive in. Deschanel and Carrey have a very believable cuteness about them, which works well, whereas Carrey's antics in other movies seem to completely undermine any believability of him with a romantic interest. Rhys Darby is hilarious as the acceptance-seeking boss.

Simply Irresistible

Yes, I actually watched this. Yes it was a cheesy, very basic chick flick. That being said, it was still enjoyable, and had a crab acting as the movie mascot, and dressed in a top hat and a sorta tuxedo. You really can't argue with writing like that.

The Ten
The Ten(2007)

I honestly think this may be one of the weirder comedies I've seen. Very random humor stuck within some ridiculous stories. Somewhat the same type of humor delivery as "Kentucky Fried Movie." However, "The Ten" is probably more accessible for both sexes, where KFM is more for dudes. There's a lot of lulls in the humor, but it delivers a really good laugh every so often.


Wow, THAT was a waste of time. Still trying to figure out what's supposed to be the draw of this movie. The acting pretty bad, you have your generic large scary monster destroying city thing going, and you have little monsters that could be found in a sequel to "8-Legged Freaks" (which was a better movie than Cloverfield). I guess that's why they needed this horrible novelty ad campaign for it.

Burn After Reading

I'm kind of upset now that the bad reviews I saw kept me away from seeing this in the theatre. Each main character is pulled at one point or another into a tangled intertwined plot, centering around a disc. The one thing each of them has in common is the tendency to overreact, either by character, or through cause of their current situation, or both. Half the humor of this movie is based on that. Every character is in over their head in the way The Coens love to put average or even sub-average character, and it all works really really well, because you as the viewer know their obvious ways out, and watch them unnecessarily, and hilariously squirm.

Tropic Thunder

The two stars I'm giving are both earned by Robert Downey Jr. The rest of it felt like a 5 minute skit stretched over two hours. With all the hype I heard over the Tom Cruise cameo, that never delivered and neither did the rest of the cast. This is what happens when you nurse an idea for ages. I think the ideas for this script bounced around in Stiller's head so long that it wore all the edges off.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

A wonderful comedy. Paul Rudd's character is really the focal point of the movie and he does a good job of keeping it entertaining. Seann William Scott does what he does, and doesn't really add much, but adds enough to be somewhat entertaining. The end of the movie is where most of the entertainment and laughs are found, and is what makes this movie so great. The earlier parts of the movie lag, but is enough to keep you engaged.

Dan in Real Life

Not a lot of movies succeed in being painful and hilarious at once. This movie thrives on it. It also proves that, in the end, "Dane Cook is a douche, and nobody cares about his feelings."


This film is one of those very creative ideas that has a really good story written in the backdrop, but failed to bring the characters and their journey up to par with the story. Yet, though it fails there, it's also part of its success.

Some of the plot twists are predictable, and are obviously forshadowed, but done in a way that makes you think maybe it really won't head that way. "It's just too ridiculoous and obvious, they won't go there," but it does making you think "Oh geez." That in turn makes you look for a big twist at the end, which never comes.

The characters and the public gain nothing and learn nothing, and that gave me a good chuckle, because it's much more realistic than this huge turn-around in seeing the error of one's ways. Its a great commentary on the public's celebrity madness, much like the Truman show, but much more playful and light-hearted.


The movie to watch if you're an aspiring comedian, or just plain hate heckling douchebags at comedy shows. If you're a heckler, you should watch this so you realize why you're an ass.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

One of the most pointless movies I've ever seen in my life. I will never understand why people love this movie so much.

The Flesh Eaters

Saw this on on AMC the other night. Not a bad old horror movie, and you can never go wrong with making a crazed Nazi a bad guy.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A very real comedy that does not take the easy shortcuts to a laugh...except for all the penis showing.

Trust the Man

A certain movie critic said this was the worst movie of 2006. That critic should be burned at the stake. This movie is incredibly clever and hilarious. Chances are you have to be in a certain age demographic and personality to truly enjoy it, but I am apparently in that demographic, and so are a majority of my friends. Give it a chance, you may just love it.


My favorite Mike Judge comedy, and that is definitely something considering how much I love "Office Space"

Beyond Re-Animator

You'll never look at drinking milk the same again, ha ha ha

The Set-Up
The Set-Up(1949)

An old classic boxing flick that I'm sure many people have missed simply because of its age and its lack of "classic" nods from critics when they speak of other boxing films. However, if you like boxing or boxing related films, its a movie that you should see.

Dog Park
Dog Park(1998)

A very good comedy with some great moments if you're good at catching subtle humor. Outside of movies that take place in mental institutions, this movie's cast of characters may be some of the most socially inept you will see in any movie. There is a great abundance of hilariously awkward, and true-to-live moments. Unfortunately, however, the ending of the movie just does not raise up to the epic ridiculousness that it deserved to have in resolving things for the protagonist.

Shakes the Clown

Let's face it, this movie is not for everyone. Who this move is for, though, is people who really enjoyed "Death To Smoochy." What "...Smoochy" did for your costumed television Barney-esque animals, this movie did for clowns years before. Both of them follow the same formula, showing us an exaggerated world of darkness behind the smiles and wholesome entertainment.

So if you're up for some alcoholic clowns behaving badly, and showing up drunk to childrens' birthday parties like Thornton did in "Bad Santa," then you should pick this up. It's where the "...Smoochy" and "Bad Santa" formula was born.

Also, keep an eye out for Adam Sandler, he's not too hard to spot, even with the make-up.

CSA: The Confederate States of America

Definitely an interesting idea, but spends a little bit too much time being cartoonishly offensive, and silly. The idea would have been set up better if it had stayed on topic with the scary truths of where we would be had this happened. It just goes way to far into the fantastic, and sways too far from a place where you could believe this alternate world exists.

Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth

Has its moments, but I wouldn't call it Chappelle at his best.

The Hebrew Hammer

This movie is pretty much the Jewish companion to "Undercover Brother." It has some really funny moments, but gets a little too hokey, even with that being its intent the whole time.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

A very good long episode of the X-Files. Creepy and compelling, but doesn't resolve any of the questions that the series left up in the air. It's interesting to see where the characters are years later. That being said, the whole thing feels unnecessary, unless it is meant to revive interest in the series for some great later plans.

I didn't, however, realize how much I missed hearing witty new Mulder retorts.

The Dark Knight

Ledger pulls off psycho and funny just right to be the Joker. Bale is still a great Bruce Wayne and is still a horrible Batman. Maggie Gyllenhaal is just kind of there. Michael Caine is himself. Morgan Freeman is super in his limited role. Aaron Eckhart out-acts everyone in the movie hands down, and is the perfect Two-Face.

All in all, very entertaining, when it's not unnecessarily dragging along.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

This movie is even better after a second watch, because you understand the beginning a lot more.

This is pretty much the only time Colin Farrell has ever been a decent actor, and he actually has to have a range in this film. He has to be funny and depressing all at once, and somehow manages to pull it off.

Not to give anything away, I'll just say it's much different from your average shoot 'em up assassin-type movie, but if you like those kind of movies, you will love this one...that is, if you're open to the fact that even they can have a heart.

I will also mention, that if you're in any way, shape, or form part of the "PC" crowd...you should probably not bother with this one. This may be the most politically incorrect movie I've seen this year.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

First, to get this out of the way...I'm an ABBA fan. Second, yeah, I've done the musical. It should be my own private shame, but, hey, since when do I feel shame?

Now that that's out of the way...what is wrong with critics? Brosnan was not as horrible as everyone said. He was actually very good and fit very well for the movie. His acting was fabulous. So what if he's not the best singer?...not a single person in Grease had a decent singing voice and everyone loves that turd of a musical.

Amanda Seyfried lights up the screen and has the sort of aura that pulls you in and takes you with her...when she smiles, so do you...when she's upset, so are you. Not a lot of actors can do that well, so she may have a bright future.

Meryl Streep was flawless, but that's to be expected...the woman can do anything and everything.

The supporting pairs of men and women also hold up their end of the bargain and would be worth the price of admission on their own...especially for the last sequence with Waterloo.

I was very satisfied with the movie adaptation of this, and in many ways the gorgeous scenery that backdrops the movie makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

Shaun of the Dead

Pegg and Frost do everything right, all the time. Hot Fuzz is amazing too, and if you haven't checked it out...Spaced is coming to DVD in the U.S. finally, so check it out.

Michael Clayton

Don't get me wrong, it's a very good movie...at the end. Too bad it leads you around for so long not letting you completely in on what's going on, until you're tired of wandering around in the dark. Clooney's performance is worth watching at the end, but not really the Oscar-worthy performance that was talked up last year. The truth is that he doesn't really have to do any acting until the last 10 minutes. I have no problem with a movie not giving things away and keeping you out of the loop until the end, but this movie doesn't really give you enough in the interim to keep your interest.

The Love Guru

This movie needed more Colbert and JT, they were the only ones keeping this thing afloat.