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Drago?'s Review of The Wolverine

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Wolverine

The Wolverine(2013)

The Wolverine is a good movie and if not for some pacing problems and a rushed but predictable finale it could have been great. Jackman slips the Logan skin back on and gets back to the tragic aftermath of X-Men 3, living his life as a drunkard and brawler whilst tormented by visions of Jean Grey. That is, until he receives an offer he can't refuse from japan. What follows is a two hour and a bit Japanese romp starring ninjas, samurai, yakuza and a lot of other cliche Japanese things like bullet trains and love hotels. Nonetheless the movie captivates especially in the second act where a vulnerable Wolverine has to hide instead of facing his foes head on and consider his feelings (who knew, right?). Nonetheless when the action gets rolling the direction is competent and the scenes neatly paced. The movie starts to fall apart near the end but overall the movie comes out swinging, much like X-Men-First Class and unlike its unarticulated predecessor. Overall a good movie and a fair tribute to the Claremont/Miller Japan Comic arc.