Drago?Costache's Rating of Elysium

Drago?'s Review of Elysium

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


In some respects Elysium isn't as good as Blomkamp's oeuvre, District 9 and in other ways it's markedly better. Flawlessly directed, impeccably shot, hard hitting through both performances and script Elysium is a modern metaphor for immigration, wealth accumulation and the intrinsic inequalities between different classes. Matt Damon puts on quite a show and is really believable for most of the movie as a man who just won't give up. Sharlto Copley is absolutely stunning, stealing the show at times and Jodie Foster makes for a great villain, playing against type. THe most surprising thing about the movie is that it leaves you wanting more. There are endless action scenes, flawlessly executed, there are dozens of shots of the earth-slum and yet you are left wanting more of htat particular world. So, yes, Blomkamp has done it again. Elysium is a great movie for everybody whether they love or loathe sci-fi and Matt Damon. It does what great sci-fi does best- makes you think, not about robots and aliens but about the world around you. Go see it.