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High Kick Girl

High Kick Girl(2009)

Such a good film; unfortunately an unfinished one with only an 85 minute run that should've been given more time. The intro before the "Hai Kikku Garu" title appears should have emphasized Rina Takeda's character, but it doesn't hurt the commencement as the movie soars to a naturally good buildup leading to each and every fight scene. However, the story always seems incomplete after each sequence jumping hastily from one plot to the next you find yourself being thrown off from time to time.

Rina Takeda's Karate is the real deal, nothing phony about her moves; she does it well in every shot. The impervious opponent she fights up against steals the whole show; best fight scene if you like realism. This is what would normally happen if two Karate combatants face each other in the street.

Many will complain with the fact that there are a lot of slow motions and replays which I did find a bit irritating; for whatever reason they did this could be due to the short amount of directing time they had, low budget etc. who knows, but sometimes the replays and slow mo's are acceptable and at other times just slows down the flow of the film. The acting is just fine, and considering this was Rina Takeda's first film, her acting was doable, but her fighting? Well she's a Karate champion so your guess is as good as mine.