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Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer(2011)

Since this was a true story, there is nothing to critique about it. It's a true story that looks like it can inspire anyone to do great things even after all seeming to have failed. I'm sure Bethany herself must be proud that her story can be spread out amongst many true story tales that intrigue the normal people of the world. However, there is always something to point out from a movie.

The special effects were done nicely, you'll notice very quickly how a certain thing was done and it'll have you questioning it, and the shark attack comes when you least expect it.

The performances amongst the actors were solemnly certain where most were modestly mediocre, but I wouldn't count AnnaSophia out completely, she did her part as strongly as she could.

Its the story that'll keep you interested more than what the filmmaker was doing with it, and that's really all that is necessary for a true event like this.