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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

It's satisfying with a fine twist and a lovely finale. Unlike the acclaimed "Batman Begins" and the Masterful "The Dark Knight", they decided to turn "The Dark Knight Rises" into a Popcorn/Family oriented film which by the way was brilliant because of the differences in movie making that gives good reason why it has become a perfectly balanced trilogy. Although audiences may feel thrown off by the popcorn/family style that "The Dark Knight" doesn't have, it's still a crowd pleaser for those who are expecting to have a good time without taking it too seriously much like "The Avengers". Even though you get a twist towards the end and a vivid ending, it doesn't give you the severity and logician that "The Dark Knight" delivers. In plain English - "The Dark Knight" is clearly a way better crafted film than "The Dark Knight Rises".

Ana Hathaway looked great as a cat burglar and portrayed her role mediocrely well; however, her performance will not earn her an Oscar let alone a nomination. Will "The Dark Knight Rises" be nominated for a best picture Oscar? I don't think so, but it came real close to have been given one. Nevertheless, this is the perfect trilogy due to its diversity and a first one that seldom comes along.