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Who Can Kill a Child? (Quin puede matar a un nio?)
5 months ago via Flixster

See, children are evil. Exterminate all of them at once and it will end all wars.

Urbania (2000)
2 years ago via Flixster

Gay urban (You never woulda guessed) tale that's quite interesting in parts, too obvious in others. The director really tries to communicate unfairness for GLBT people, how when compared to straights that have things for granted, life really sucks and it's difficult to enjoy being. I think the beginning is supposed to bring in or attract hetero-thinking people because it seems to be a normal "straight" story with a wicked taste. It's deceiving and ambiguous until the terms "boyfriend" and "him" pop up. I think even the lead actor is straight in real life, he was the only one butch among the gay characters, thus the only attractive one.

I don't like the thought of "your side must be disrespected in order for ours to gain equality" - it was difficult taking the moral seriously and not as just bitching. But characters were interesting, some of what's covered in the Flixster synopsis is only heard of and not really seen; there's a lot of storytelling.

The House is Black
3 years ago via Flixster

Caught me off guard with its unflinching portrait of this isolated clan. The religious and poetic aspect is admirable, the art house aesthetic enlightens, engages, informs and it's very hopeful. Well made for a short.

Lapsia ja aikuisia - Kuinka niitä tehdään? (Producing Adults)
3 years ago via Flixster

Finnish romance-relationship film where the heteros (or hetero/traditional monogamies) are sort of demonized. The ice-skating boyfriend character is the epitome of insane egocentrism and the straight woman's nightmare. The devil has a handsome face. I found the tangled relationships between the four characters to be believable and enlightening as to the female's struggle. If women can't rely upon the men, then are they to blame if they only have each other to fend for? The plot is an argument for sperm donation, in vitro, artificial insemination, and basically any unorthodox conception method in general, for not just female couples but single mothers and child yearning women in that similar position, because clearly some people just aren't cut out for the child conjuring they've been donned with. Sweet, simple, evenly paced, and enriching.