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Takers is a suspenseful heist thriller about a team of inconspicious crooks who are always one step ahead of the police force. After an ex-con mastermind named Ghost is loose from prison, he joins his band of thugs to bring down the biggest heist yet. When the heist goes down, the crooks come across betrayal & deception putting their lives on the line against everything they stand for.

Takers was a surpirsingly enjoyable crime/thriller thanks to the casting & direction of the film. The plot grips you from the get go & doesnt let up. The action hits hard when shown even though there isn't a whole lot. I still thought there was a fair amount thats really fun to watch. Takers is filled with exciting thrilling moments throughout the run-time of the film. There is one big action set piece in particular that involves an armored truck that I thought was absolutely flawless. Im not going to spoil it because its a excellent well shot scene that gets your blood pumping. There might be a few people that will complain about the shootout towards the end. You will either like or hate it. I'll just leave it at that. In my opinion, i liked it! It's different where it creates more intensity & grittiness without soundfield. You will see what i mean when you witness it. The acting isn't oscar worthy but its passable for a film like this. I was actually surprised by some of the new acting talent. My first one goes out to rapper artist T.I. Harris. Coming from a rapper, I thought he made his character believible. T.I makes a commanding presence throughout the film. T.I. actually passed for a criminal in my book. The second one is singer Chris Brown. Chris didn't really have much to work with where his character was undeveloped but when he had lines, he made them work. There is also a chase sequence featuring Chris doing his own stunts. It was a pretty jaw dropping moment where it was hard for me to believe that was Chris Brown doing all that. All I have to say is Wow! I think Chris has a career in acting just like T.I. does. Most people will disagree with me by trash talk saying thats kind of stupid. No matter what people might think, I will always stick to my opinions. Everyone else that is known to me like the incredible Idris Elba, entertaining Paul Walker & epic Matt Dillion held up their end. I do however think that sexy Zoe Saldana should have had more screen time. Zoe's character was just wasted. It seemed like the director only gave her a part for eye candy. I can't say I don't blame him since Zoe is extremely hott. As much as I find Zoe attractive, I still think there is more to her than her looks. Zoe will never get a shot to prove she's something more unless she can get bigger roles. The only complaint I had with the film was the conclusion. It leaves you wanting more wondering what happens next. It would be nice if they made a sequel. I think this is a start of what could be made into a franchise. Overall, Takers is far from great but it is a good show. I know there will be people saying that they have seen this all before. I can just say that this is one of the better heist thrillers. In the past, heist thrillers were not this entertaining. Takers is pretty much Heat meets The Town. I recommend Takers if you like crime/thrillers & the cast. Takers is an extremely fun gripping heart pounding action packed crime suspense thriller that will not be soon forgotten.

3 1/2 stars