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The Town

The Town(2010)

Ben Affleck directs & stars with an A list cast featuring Jeremy Renner & Jon Hamm in this engaging crime/drama called "The Town". "The Town" takes places in Boston about a group of professional bank robbers who pull off a number of heists. They have always been a head of the Boston State Police Department. That all changes when one of the bank robbers named "Doug", (Ben Affleck) gets involved with a female hostage named "Claire", (Rebecca Hall) that him & his crew kidnapped. Later on, Doug & Claire start developing a relationship that leads Doug down a dark road that puts his life on the line with the cops & his gang. Now Doug must figure out what is more important to him before everything that he cares about is gone.

Seeing the "The Town" for the first time, my expectations were a little above average. After it was over, it exceeded my expectations beyond belief. I couldn't get over of how exciting & thrilling "The Town" ended up being. From the very beginning to the explosive conclusion I was hooked on the edge of my seat with exhilarating suspense & drama. Ben Affleck is on his way of being a great director. I found it amazing how Ben could star, direct & write at the same time. Affleck did it exceptionally well. I loved the way Affleck captured the gritty realism in this world that he created. He made you feel for everything that you were watching. Affleck knows how to shoot a film with style. One of the things that he knows how to shoot is a action set piece. When there is a shootout taking place in the film, you can feel the impact of the bullets making it seem that it actually feels like its happening around you. The shootouts are shot so well that the camera is steady where you can see what all is going on. The heist that involves robbing an armored truck is my favorite scene in the film & probably the most intense shootout I've seen since "Heat". When the assault rifiles go off, its like fire works going off. Even though this isn't exactly an action film, it features some of the most breathtaking shootouts in movie history. In my opinion, "The Town" is more of a character drama more than anything else. I think Affleck wanted the audience to feel for the characters in the film showing us how well he can work with actors. All the performances here shine. Ben Affleck has always been one of my favorites. Pretty much everything he is in, I'll watch. Affleck does a great job carrying his role. Jeremy Renner stole the show for me. He was just so into his character bringing his role to life. I didn't know nothing about Jeremy until I saw him in this film. Jeremy proved that he can outclass other actors that has been around longer than him. Rebecca Hall is another I wasn't fond of. I thought she was very good with her part. Rebecca brought so much emotion & fear making it believable enough for you to root for her character. Last & for most, the incredible Jon Hamm who plays the cop on Affleck's tail. I didn't know nothing about this actor either other than that he has been in a TV show. Jon can act just as well as Renner. They are my two top actors that have hit my top. Jon brings so much charisma & control with his character making him a blast to watch on screen. Overall, If you like crime drama's with a little great action thrown in, then "The Town" is up your alley. Expect to witness astonishing performances, great script & some heart pounding action sequences that's not to be missed. "The Town" is an expertly directed & acted sensational experience which makes it the best film of 2010.

5/5 stars