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5 years ago via Flixster


"Brave" is a very nice and fun but ultimately forgettable cartoon, and in the long line of Pixar home runs, it's something of a base hit. Somewhere in medieval Scotland, there existed a red-headed princess named Merida (Kelly Macdonald) whose skill with the bow and arrow is matched only by her skill at displeasing her mother, the queen (Emma Thompson). While Merida only wants to live her own life, the queen insists she marries one of three noble suitors (all of whom are kind of on the geeky side) in order to better preserve the kingdom and maintain alliances. One day, Merida stumbles upon a little cottage that houses tons of bear-related wood carvings as well as a little wood carver who may or may not be a witch (wink wink). Merida buys a spell from the wood carver to "change" her mother which winds up changing her mother way more than she expected. Can Merida save her mother before the second sunrise?

As I said at the beginning, this isn't one of Pixar's strongest movies, but because it's a Pixar movie, maybe it's judged a little more harshly than similar cartoons of this nature. There isn't really much "wow" factor to this film, either in storyline or animation, there isn't anything that's going to blow the viewer away, but maybe we don't have to get blown away everytime we go to the movies. Sometimes we can go and enjoy a nice fairy tale. "Brave" keeps it simple, nice and pleasant, and that's fine.