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5 years ago via Flixster


John (Mark Wahlberg) is a guy trying to balance his life between his long-suffering girlfriend (Mila Kunis) and his best friend (director Seth MacFarlane), a weed-smoking, foul-mouthed unemployed loser. Sounds like many other similar movies, right? The twist here is that the best friend is actually his childhood teddy bear. It seems back in 1985, when John was just a kid, he made a magical christmas wish that his teddy bear could be his real life best friend, and then some sort of christmas miracle happened and his teddy bear came to life. Ted then becomes a sort of media sensation (as you might well expect, since it's not everyday an inanimate object comes to life). But, as the movie says, much like Corey Feldman or Justin Bieber, no matter how much people love you, one day they just get sick of you, and so it goes for Ted. Many years pass, and now Ted is the elephant in the room, making Lori (Kunis) uncomfortable with his hookers and nonstop pot smoking. Oblivious to his girlfriend's feelings, John continues to live his single guy lifestyle, using Ted as his permanent crutch through life.

It's a well worn storyline, and the "twist" is patently ridiculous, but "Ted" does have it's moments. Hysterical cameos by big (and not so big) stars, as well as some Family Guy-like reference comedy stand out in my mind. Needless to say, it's crude and vulgar (and not in a particularly clever way either), but that's par for the course nowadays. Mark Wahlberg isn't necessarily known for comedy, his other comedy film ("The Other Guys") is along the lines of Ted, something quite enjoyable but nothing particularly special. Anyway, I laughed, and what's a comedy suppposed to do other than make you do that? This is Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's first forray into film direction (and live action) and I'm not convinced he can do any better than this. Time will tell if this is the start of something bigger or it's just the best that he's capable of.