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Devon's Review of House at the End of the Street

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House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street(2012)

House at the End of the Street, the latest PG 13 teen horror movie, feels like a cross between the "Twilight" saga and perhaps "Psycho" (not that kids are going to know what Psycho is). Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue star as a mother/daughter recently transplanted from Chicago to some backwood hick town. And when I say backwoods, I mean that literally, as the house they're renting is on the edge of a state park. Just over the hill and past a few trees lies the "House at the end of the street", or the place where 13 year-old Carrie Anne murdered both her parents before escaping off into the woods. Elissa (Lawrence) isn't too interested in the double murder ("People used to get shot on our street all the time"- she says), and would rather focus on playing the guitar and singing in a band. She goes to a party, meets a drunk girl (new BBFs!), and almost gets date raped by the jock that keeps making weird faces. Walking home, she's picked up by Ryan (Max Thieriot), brother of Carrie Anne and lone survivor of the double murder family. He's moved back to the old homestead and lives there all alone (where he watches sunsets and writes poetry, while brooding and probably pursing his lips all sexily or something). Around here it all devolves into some pseudo-romance movie where the two make aspirations to be the Bella/Edward "forbidden lovers" or something. Meanwhile, it turns out Carrie Anne might still be alive after all...

I'm sure there have been worse attempts at horror movies made, but House at the End of the Street still kind of feels like pandering. The twist ending might be lost on the twelve and thirteen year old girls who make up the target audience, and to anyone over the age of thirteen, you've probably seen it all before. Not very much fun, and kind of dumb, it's not worth the time or effort to watch it.