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Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill: Revelation(2012)

Let me start off with the following disclaimer: I am a fan of the Silent Hill video game franchise. In addition to the highly creative and frightening visuals, there's an aura of creeping dread that builds throughout the course of each game as it looms closer to it's climactic ending. Regardless of the respective plot, each game is about sinking further and further into the pits of personal hell. One can feel almost tainted after completing one of these games.

Silent Hill the film series is another matter. Both films try to pay lip service to the game's visuals, but they lack the emotional investment the games provoke. Adelaide Clemens plays Heather, a girl on the run with her father (Sean Bean). She thinks she's on the run because her dad killed a home invader, but actually they're trying to escape the people of the town of Silent Hill, who are trying to capture her and bring her back for some occult ceremony or something. Heather will every once in a while experience some weird hallucinations, like acid flashbacks or something, where walls melt away and people have sewn up holes for faces. When the townsfolk of Silent Hill kidnap her dad, it's up to her and her school friend Vincent (Kit Harington) to get him back, even if that means going to the forbidden town.

Silent Hill could've been better, and it could've been worse. It's the kind of movie video game detractors love to hate. Yes, there are some cool visuals, but the plot is stilted, and adds up to a lot of nothing. Not really scary by any definition, it's at least interesting to look at. The most disturbing thing about it is that it felt sort of like a "Twilight" film, or at least the romance aspect of it did. *Shudders* Now THAT'S horror...