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Psychomania (1971)
3 years ago via Flixster

What better way to fight "the man" than kill yourself and return from the dead to raise havoc in your motorcycle gang? The members of "The Living Dead" gang do just that - returning as super-strong and essentially invincible zombies with no visible difference from their previous, living, forms. Psychomania is a radical exploitation film from 1972 England, focusing on your typical drive-in movie themes of teenage rebellion and stunt bike riding. Fans of cheesy B-grade cult films should be pleased, but those expecting a "motorcycle zombie" movie may be a bit disappointed. The dead return without any benefit of makeup and though they are murderous, they leave not a trace of blood or gore behind. And though one may feel a bit silly complaining that the plot of Psychomania is paper-thin, well... it is. With enough friends and enough beer, it should be worth a few laughs. As long as you're looking for crazy bike stunts and 70's style cheese and don't expect a horror film in any way, you won't be disappointed.

Alien3 (1992)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Third installment of the Alien series begins with an insulting killing-off of the three characters saved in part 2. Suddenly all of the hardships suffered in Aliens were a colossal waste of time. Where part 2 took the original concept and made it bigger, faster, and louder, part three slows things down... way down. And while there may have been an attempt to return to the dark eeriness of the original, this time it seems a bit more forced. Ripley finds herself on a planet of double-y chromosome murders. Part 3 returns to the original film's stow-away motif with one stray "dog-like" alien running around the prison. After the grand scale of part two, this return to the original format was not a horrible idea, but it's badly executed. Fincher had his hands full to try and direct this weak script with poorly developed characters. He tried his best, but it was more than he could adequately handle.