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Massacre in Dinosaur Valley

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley(1985)

This ambitiously campy Italian film from 1985 gets erroneously lumped into the cannibal subgenre just because of the appearance of natives in the jungle. This is more of an exploitation-style adventure movie made with that certain 70's Italian flair that was still holding on in 85. Though produced in Italy, there is a sizable amount of American influence to be seen in this film. The campy one-liners and overly smug hero will appeal to the American audience. Though it is said the Tarantini was going for an Indiana Jones in his main character Kevin, Michael Sopkiw will make genre fans instantly think of Bruce Campbell's Ash with his smugness and clumsy heroism. In a classic moment, he sets the native slaves free to run immediately into the hands of the approaching guards who quickly beat them to a pulp. This is classic B-Grade campy exploitation magic and it will certainly find a treasured place on the shelf of Italian horror fans.