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5 years ago via Flixster


Another in the chain of monster animal movies that followed Jaws, Alligator fully explores the urban legend of pet alligators flushed down to the sewer. To it's advantage, Alligator has director Lewis Teague behind the camera and Robert Forster in front. It also has a crisp pace with plenty of bloody alligator action. Like the campy Piranha, Alligator has no qualms about being a B-film which is what makes it so successful. Despite limitations of budget, the effects are downright fantastic and obviously made with love. That alligator looks awesome, and Teague knew how to shoot it and make it look its best. Forster's David is an instantly likeable and genuine character - he gives the film that extra push that would've gone missing with an inferior actor. Alligator is a well put together film with that 80's cheese that many of us grew up with, and still love today.