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[Rec] 2

[Rec] 2(2010)

The sequel is literally more of the same - taking up where the first film left off, [REC]2 offers more shaky camera work and rabid infected attacks. The second film adds a new plot point - the disease is actually a form of demonic possession, and the crew needs to find the "first infected" in order to stop it. The second film feels more tedious and downright frustrating at times whereas the first film was much more focused. Part two has plenty of infected attacks and scares, but it just feels derivative and tired this time. About half way through, the film switches to a completely new batch of characters for about 15 minutes, and it feels completely out of place. All of these complaints aside, the last 15 minutes of the film are genuinely creepy and effective. The climax of this film is really fantastic and it almost makes up for the frustrating hour beforehand. Almost... but not quite. {REC}2 is a sequel, and as is typical for these types of films, not nearly as good as the original.