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Kong: Skull Island
1 day ago via Flixster

50% military thrill and 50% B-rated movie, done very well. Nice cast assembled, great special effects. It's a fun ride.

Moonlight (2016)
18 days ago via Flixster

Important film, but I didn't see Oscar-worthiness for the film nor Mahershala Ali's win for best supporting actor. Good performances, good story, and just good. There was nothing great about it, and why it won for "Best Film 2017", I have no idea. Lion is my choice.

Meet Joe Black
24 days ago via Flixster

Okay, only 19 years behind in watching this "epic" film. A 3 hour movie that should be 90 mins; cheesy; 1/2 love story - 1/4 business - 1/4 spiritual film, which means nearly a chick-flick. Hopkins, as always, nails his role. Pitt and Forlani are also wonderful. It's the story that has weakness and gaps. The ending is, by many, questionable and undone.

The Lego Batman Movie
27 days ago via Flixster

I loved and appreciated it for what it is. A campy, yet very witty and creative take on Batman, lego-formed. Much of the humor and banter, and speed of which it's said or in song, would be over the heads of many kids -- perfect for adults who appreciate animated movies. However, it's a perfect munchkin machine for collectibles, figurines, soundtrack, and video games.

Meadowland (2015)
30 days ago via Flixster

Wilson and Wilde were quite wonderful in this 2015 movie. It was filmed well, and overall, solid performances by the supporting cast. My problem -- the story, the writing. It's a near real-time (elapsed over a year) of a loss/tragedy/coping/healing that really didn't go anywhere, thrown in with a strange ending. [3.0 stars]