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Kong: Skull Island

50% military thrill and 50% B-rated movie, done very well. Nice cast assembled, great special effects. It's a fun ride.


Important film, but I didn't see Oscar-worthiness for the film nor Mahershala Ali's win for best supporting actor. Good performances, good story, and just good. There was nothing great about it, and why it won for "Best Film 2017", I have no idea. Lion is my choice.

Meet Joe Black

Okay, only 19 years behind in watching this "epic" film. A 3 hour movie that should be 90 mins; cheesy; 1/2 love story - 1/4 business - 1/4 spiritual film, which means nearly a chick-flick. Hopkins, as always, nails his role. Pitt and Forlani are also wonderful. It's the story that has weakness and gaps. The ending is, by many, questionable and undone.

The Lego Batman Movie

I loved and appreciated it for what it is. A campy, yet very witty and creative take on Batman, lego-formed. Much of the humor and banter, and speed of which it's said or in song, would be over the heads of many kids -- perfect for adults who appreciate animated movies. However, it's a perfect munchkin machine for collectibles, figurines, soundtrack, and video games.


Wilson and Wilde were quite wonderful in this 2015 movie. It was filmed well, and overall, solid performances by the supporting cast. My problem -- the story, the writing. It's a near real-time (elapsed over a year) of a loss/tragedy/coping/healing that really didn't go anywhere, thrown in with a strange ending. [3.0 stars]

In Dubious Battle

There's a lot I liked about this film, and it outweighed the things I didn't. Enjoyed the Steinbeck adaptation, and the performances by especially Jim Nolan and James Franco were outstanding. [3.5 stars]


Good filmmaking, and J.K. Simmons is outstanding, even though he is a pompous ass in this role. Miles Teller gets praise, too, for the aspiring-to-be-great drummer. All in all, I didn't enjoy the harshness and tone. [3.0 stars]

Hidden Figures

Johnson, Vaughan and Jackson should be household names, so I'm glad this movie was made to help socialize them and what they did. The story was "nice" and the movie made pleasantly, just not great in any way.


Simply put, the best film I've seen in a long time. Beautiful told, story weaved brilliantly. Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman deserve the Oscar for their performances, and little Saroo, played by Sunny Pawar -- was so cute and wonderful. Based on a true story, it was both inspirational and very emotional -- haven't cried (sobbed) so much since Schindler's List. Highly recommend. [4.5 stars]


Interesting. Not just your expected sci-fi / alien invasion, it's got substance, a storyline, and it's emotional experience. Adams is again, spectacular, but I thought Renner and Whitaker could have been played by anybody. [3.5 stars]

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

I just don't get it. From the opening sequence to the last, not one memorable singing song -- actually boring. Maybe 2 piano songs that were nice. Props to set design and some of the dance numbers, and Gosling and Stone performances with written banter...but all in all, a big fat no.


A masterclass in acting. Washington and Davis burn up the screen with a wonderful supporting cast. Perhaps a little slow, it's obvious that this is adapted from the stage. But the writing is so compelling, so captivating, and original -- well, August Wilson was brilliant.

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

"It's not action-packed enough, not funny enough, and the characters aren't memorable enough." Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com. I agree wholeheartedly.

Manchester by the Sea

Well acted, but shoot me. Slow, painful, and couldn't wait for it to be over.


It's an important movie, as Snowden's story is still not known widespread. But it's missing dimension, and the love story seems thrown in, and is just not that believable. Still, pretty well done and well-acted.


I felt like I was watching a B movie with an A cast, with relatively unknown Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) stealing the show in nearly every scene she was in. A weak premise to begin with couldn't pull this very average flick out of the trash.


Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard gave "nice" performances. The film was shot "nice". However, "nice" doesn't win any awards. It was predictable with no "wows", and even a little cheesy.

The Accountant

Better than good movie, enjoyable, but far from great. Ben Affleck was perfect for this role, as he plays a grown autistic man with Asperger syndrome, of course, on steroids beating up or killing everyone in sight. The supporting cast is equally good: Kendrick, Simmons, Lithgow, and Jon Bernthal -- of Walking Dead fame. Worth seeing.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher left me high and dry. The lead, Tom Cruise, is great in this role, and a strong assist by Cobie Smulders -- but let's face it, she's no Rosamund Pike...as in the first movie. This sequel is full of cool close-up fighting, but falls flat in the end not helped by a weak storyline and inconsequential foes.

The Girl on the Train

Blunt was marvelous showing both depth and width and her acting chops. The movie, however, was "interesting" both dark and depressing. I'd rate it a C+, capturing my interest but couldn't wait for it to be over...in other words...let me off the train so that I could get a stiff drink. I wanted more suspense, and lot more mystery.

London Has Fallen

I didn't know Butler had it in him -- he was good in this action role. Unfortunately, the script and premise was poor, with cliche lines, weak writing, and low-level special effects. Eckhart was useless in this role, and Freeman was his usual awesome sauce but sparingly used.

The Light Between Oceans

The movie is heart-breaking, I shed so many tears...of course the wind blowing in the theater was the cause of it, coincidentally. The cast performances were wonderful, Fassbender was great, but Vikander again shines in this film delivering a true "wow" performance showing tremendous depth and range in her emotional tumoil.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

Not even close to the best, but how often is a sequel? Still, nice to see Damon return to the role. Even though the storyline is one or two dimensional (at best), the franchise still is exciting to see. Good cast assembled.

Café Society

Woody Allen does it again with brilliant filmmaking and screenwriting. Carell and rest of supporting cast was good, but Eisenberg and Stewart stole every moment of the film. Wonderful.


Decent cast performances, mildly funny, but overall -- this is a miss. All the aliens were computer animation, I thought that they would do a lot better than that (see Men in Black series).

The Fundamentals of Caring

Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts have screen power in this adorable dark comedy. The writing is fresh and quite witty. A little slow, but I enjoyed the cadence.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

Unpredictable. I loved the cadence of the film. Wonderful and believable performances by Isaac, Vikander, and Gleeson. Writing, directing, set design, and special effects get extra kudos.

Love & Friendship

I love period pieces, but this was painful. Despite the love of critics and most fans, I am one of the few that did not like the film. Directing is to blame with the acting dreadful and feeling very staged. Mildly funny at times, it's so dry. Big no.

The Nice Guys

60% of people in my group of 5 liked it, and I was one of the likers. Great screen chemistry between Gosling and Crowe, and there witty banter is what I mostly loved. The writing was fresh, and I didn't know what was going to happen next, or shall I say, didn't know how they were going to get there. Good to see in the theater, but perhaps best to wait for a DVD.

Money Monster

Let's face it, the movie in its entirety has holes and it's quite contrived. Despite some weak characters, take nothing away from its top 3 stars, and special kudos to Clooney (who should some range, actually) and O'Connell. But save your bucks, and wait for the DVD.


Nothing short of adorable. Geared toward a little younger of an audience (under 10), but enough humor for anyone over 4 1/2 feet.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey brought it with an innocence and likeability in this role, and a great supporting cast. Don't understand the negative reviews, I found it very enjoyable that was both entertaining and captivating.


Brie Larson won the Oscar, but its Jacob Tremblay (the little boy) that, I believe, deserves all the glory. A dark, sad film -- no laughing in this one. Important, nonetheless.


An ensemble cast that actually delivers a real quality movie, rare. An expose of the Catholic church with investigative journalism portrayed is riveting. Not a feel good movie, but a necessary evil that needs to be continually dealt with.


Crude, rude, obnoxious, irreverent, violent, snarky - like no other superhero movie you've ever seen (and you're kids should not). Ryan Reynolds never meshed so well with a role, and wonderful supporting cast including (which-will-be a household name) Morena Baccarin (Gotham, Homeland, The Flash, and countless others), TJ Miller, and Ed Skrein.

Hail, Caesar!

While this is far from amazing, it has a combination of sharp wit, funny cameos, and 50/60's movie nostalgia to give Coen fans a lark. Others, non-familiar to the Coen dark sense of humor will be left flat.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

I'm not quite sure what this says about me, or my taste in film, but I absolutely loved this movie. I was enamored by the characters and voices, and didn't want it to end. So much so, I think I laughed more and louder than the kids in the theatre.

Wreck-it Ralph

The animation was great, and at times -- it was clever. But, the dialog and humor was for a much younger than normal audience. I was bored, and I usually love animation films. It was only special because I attended with my 6-year old daughter - who absolutely loved the whole "candyland" theme the last half of the movie.

While I love candy, that certainly wasn't enough to save this movie, even for me.


Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl are wonderfully casted for their roles, and both deserve Oscar nominations. The formula of big Hollywood production kind of works here, albeit 30 mins too long.

August: Osage County

Its sits with you almost as easily as remembering the name of the movie. Spectacular performances by all, but in particular, Roberts and Streep. Riveting in the drama of it all, the dysfunctional nature of the family and longstanding problems will have you talking about the movie for days.

Enter the Dragon

Brilliant film. While kitchy at times, its both riveting and beautifully filmed. Suberb cinematography and fighting choreography, its no wonder Lee inspired a generation or more with this film.

Zero Dark Thirty

Neither condemning nor condoning, Kathryn Bigelow captures again the real, vulnerable, and emotional elements with compassion. While I could do without torture scenes, it would have been a whole lot less real of a movie without it, and this was a whole lot more of a movie than Argo. Chastain is Oscar-worthy in her performance.

Oz the Great and Powerful

At no fault of the story or script (which was clever)...most of the acting and special effects fell way short of fair. Mila Kunis, who I generally like, was particularly poor. The monkey, well, I hadn't seen CGI effects that poor in years. Special mention to both Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams who were both very believable in their roles.

The Hateful Eight

Oops, he did it again. Wonderful dialogue, strong character development, unpredictable ending, and very predictable gruesomeness. Dark humor at it's finest! I love the performances, and about 80% of the movie.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

Wow, best movie I've seen in a long time. Violent, yes. But a story of survival and revenge has never been so achingly portrayed or told. The Oscar? DiCaprio, this is your year, and Hardy and assemble are worthy. Cinematography is extraordinary, look for many Academy awards for this outstanding movie.

The Danish Girl

Absolutely beautiful and highly emotional film. Redmayne is again fantastic in this role, but it's Vikander that steals every scene with depth and complexity. Although based on a true story from the 1920's, it's relevant very much to today. Lookout for Oscar nominations in nearly every category.


Self/less is Life/less; good to pass the time for an airport flick. It's a bright idea not well executed. Still, Ryan Reynolds does very well with his part, and chief complaint -- not enough Ben Kingsley.

Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit(2015)

Average comedy with a few cute lines, and overall helps make a 10 hour airline ride pass.

Love and Other Drugs

A chick-flick movie with very likeable characters played by Gyllenhaal and Hathaway. If the end doesn't get ya tearin', then your heart is made of stone. Having worked in a pharma company, I didn't appreciate all of the stereotypical pharma sales stuff, but still, worthy of a movie.


Michael B Jordan is a star, and Stallone still has it. Great chemistry on screen with these two. It's #2 in my book behind the original Rocky.


Chick flick alert. Self-discovery and second chances. Still, I liked it as it had rockets and planes -- that's cool. Strong performances by the entire cast.


Skipped at the movie theater, but caught the flick on a plane trip recently. I laughed out load. Very cute movie. Melissa McCarthy is worthy again.

Secret in Their Eyes

An American remake was too much to pass up from ""El Secreto De Sus Ojos". Writer/director Billy Ray's assembled an all-star cast that is well performed, but is quite unreal. If you can get beyond that, you'll get a surprise ending that will leave you feeling underwhelmed.


Glad I saw it, and glad it was over for even this foodie. It was mildly entertaining, but the huge ego jerk of a guy (Bradley Cooper) was so driven he took out everyone around him with a pressure cooked grenade. The "love" interest, Sienna Miller, was only hinted at. Good acting, but that's about it.

San Andreas
San Andreas(2015)

It was totally my "fault" for seeing this, har har. In the end, I got what I wanted out of it for a $1.50 rental. Big and crazy effects, over the top writing (means, expected little), and The Rock.


Greatly falls short of the 007 expectation, it's the worst Bond movie perhaps, of all time. Don't blame the actors, it was 100% fault of the script.

Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak(2015)

Guillermo del Toro's paints a vivid and visual masterpiece of gore in a very Hollywood version. Wonderful performances, especially from Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston. Worth seeing if you have the guts.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Smart, funny, and riveting. I loved it.

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

A "nice" film. A light-hearted movie filled with smiles and laughs. Not the Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Godfather of De Niro that we're used to loving, but a pleasant and charming version. Hathaway is her lovable and charming self, and good cast of supporting characters. Academy award winner, not. Worthy of a rental.

The Visit
The Visit(2015)

Respect to Mr. Shyamalan, who without his directing, I would not fathom seeing this. My buddy thought it was one of his best, while I thought it was okay and entertaining. Can you say creepy Gram's and Gramp's? I like how most of the film was behind the camera without making me dizzy. Great cast, but Kathryn Hahn didn't do much for me.

No Escape
No Escape(2015)

They didn't do enough to show the possibilities of their new home in SE Asia, they went right to bat upon arrival. Wilson & Brosnan, & the 2 kids were good in their rolls, while Bell was fair -- I would have liked to see someone more likeable in this role. Overall, on the edge nervous is how I was, and towards in the end of the movie, relieved that it was over.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Great screen presence by Cavill and Hammer, and while cute, the acting of Alicia Vikander was okay at best. Fun and worthy action flick, but God no to a sequel!

New York, I Love You

Never before did so many cool actors align for a film, and left an audience high and dry. While there was intelligent dialogue and well acted scenes, way too many stories that didn't at all align. Were they all shorts left to pitch a bigger film?

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Wow, now this is action. Haven't seen all the MI series, but this is a goodie. High flying, balls to the wall.

Ricki And The Flash

Unoriginal and predictable storyline, but great performances by Streep, Rick Springfield, Kevin Kline, and Mamie Gummer (Streep's real live daughter). Far from loving it, but glad I saw it. Recommend: wait for a rental? Yes.


It can't be compared to the classic original. Good for a few laughs. Terrific cast. Beware of the F bombs, there's a lot of them.


This is the anti-Rocky. Sad story, no musical theme while entering the arena. Just a hard-hitting knock-out of a story, full of acting 101 talent.

Terminator Genisys

Special effects are impressive; Emilia Clarke has amazing screen presence; Arnold, despite my strong desire not to support him, proved that he is made for this role; Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney has worthy performances. The storyline had some holes, and was the least bit interesting, but very entertaining and I bought it -- fully.

Broken City
Broken City(2013)

Passable for a movie, when you've exhausted all others. Broken City has one of the biggest casts and one of biggest busts, and I'm not talking about Catherine Zeta-Jones. Throughout, I was one nod away from falling asleep, but I kept waiting for it to turn to relevant. Hint: it didn't.

Jurassic World

It's far from great, but as a 4th in a series goes, it's really good...and good to see this long-awaited franchise back on the map.

Song One
Song One(2015)

The sweetest movie that you'll never want to see. Mildly entertaining, simple script, good music -- buy the CD.

Mad Max: Fury Road

I think I'm in the minority with my rating. In one word: irritating. Well done direction, the production value is a 5.0 star. But I'd be embarrassed to put my writing name on it. Hardy and Theron were one-dimensional, but appropriate for their roll.

Far From the Madding Crowd

Chick flick, but...beautiful movie. Carey Mulligan is a legitimate star, and deserves best actress across all nominations. A very engaging storyline kept me from nodding off. I liked.

The Age of Adaline

Chick flick. After I got over the cheesy factor of how the age defiant thing happened, it had some interesting ways at weaving the story and drawing me in. Blake Lively is now on the map as a REAL actress, and should get nominations aplenty. Harrison Ford had a somewhat small but very important character, and was so believable and great. Michiel Huisman is a star, lookout world.

The Hangover Part III

I, oh yeah! II, good! III, almost passible! A few har's har's, and that's all she gets.

The Brothers Solomon

Clearly more laughs should be had, it still has a few chuckles and maybe worth watching if you are really sick or have only 1 channel, and it's on it.

Get Hard
Get Hard(2015)

A little silly, for sure, it's got it's fair share of good chuckles. Not great, but worth seeing for a lark.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The second best Exotic Marigold movie. Same cast + Richard Gere = a little boring / redundant, but still cute and worthy.


Wow - slow moving. Wow - acting. Wow - 2.5 hours. Wow - just okay.

Magic in the Moonlight

While it may not rank among the best of Allen's films, it's still witty, cute, and romantic. Well acted, directed, and produced -- it offers a good rental.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Weird and unsettling. Storyline aside (which I could see as interesting), it was filmed like the teenage movie, Twilight. Poor acting, poor screenplay. Save your $15 (I paid $22 x 2), and go to an Adult bookstore.

American Sniper

While I'm glad they made the movie, it was a simple one POV movie. War sucks. Filmed and directed well, it's not a highlight film.

Taken 3
Taken 3(2015)

I don't like a movie that is such non-stop action, it doesn't allow me to take a little siesta. Despite the stereotypical Russians as villains and stooge cops, it's a thrill ride as Neeson kicks serious butt. Forest Whitaker is awesome and likeable as the CIA head.

If I Stay
If I Stay(2014)

Most appropriate for high school aged kids, it's worthy of a watch. Despite a prolonged state of Mia's character overlooking the one on a deathbed, it's a nice film with incredible original music - get the Soundtrack. Chloe Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley both have incredible screen presence.

I Origins
I Origins(2014)

It has quite of bit of holes in the storyline and the ending is less than interesting, leaving it in the "so so" category...but it had enough umph to capture my attention. With the alluring Astrid Berges-Frisbey and complex character and wonderful acting of Pitt (no, not Brad, it's Michael), it's a worthy adventure.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Hell no. Gave it 30 mins, and had to turn it off. Not my cup of tea.

A Most Wanted Man

Hoffman is a true talent, and gone too soon. He shines brightly in this movie despite itself: it's slow and uninteresting. McAdams does a nice job, Dafoe is incredible, and Wright is, well, who cares...good but could have been played nby anyone.


Reminded me of a futuristic, Sci-Fi, Twilight. Based on a teen, amateurish plot in a coming of age movie. Woodley is casted okay (but who is she and could they not get someone of name?), Winslet is a surprise casting (actually good in her role), and James has great screen presence (but can you say overacting?). Passed the time on the plane to Europe.

Léon: The Professional

A little dated if you watch it now, with elements of being cheesy. But it's a good film, the action is the least interesting. It's the 12 year old Natalie Portman that steals every scene, and in the process, breaks down the hard as nails hitman into a bit of mush.


It has a wow factor. What's starts with interesting dialog and incredible acting, finishes with interesting dialog and incredible acting with an appreciation for directing and casting. It's a little bit crazy, a little bit hectic, and a whole lot entertaining. Oscar-worthy nominations for Michael Keating, Ed Norton, and Emma Stone.

Begin Again
Begin Again(2014)

Carney's follow-up to Once is not close to as sweet, raw, or real. But, thrown a lot more money and major stars and you have yourself a movie that's "nice" with "good" original songs.

The Theory of Everything

Beautiful movie. Based on a book by Jane Hawking, the wife of Stephen, it's a strong depiction of young love being forced to deal with a hard 2-year prognosis of the ending of Stephen's life, shows the faith and strength prevails -- he still lives even today 50-ish years later. Oscar-worthy performances by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.


Felt like I needed a shower after watching. Jake is wonderful as a conniving creepster, not sure if I can ever look at him the same way again. Double that for the news, is that really accurate the way they play up stories for ratings?

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

This is not a pro critics movie, which they've bagged. What it is a drama with some comedy that lifts over the tough reality of parent in trouble, aging parents, and a little of coming to grips with all of it. Terrific performances by Downey and Duvall, Thornton and Farmiga.

Open Windows
Open Windows(2014)

Underdelivers in writing and acting and overwhelms with hacker technology. The character development falls way short, the least of which is free boobie. It will do well on DVD rentals, but I wish I had my 100 minutes back.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Rarely have I left a movie saying "Wow" - but I did just that. Deceit and misbehavior meets crazy and more misbehavior. Moral of the story: bad choices equals bad.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer is more gore, more blood and guts, and more action than I expected. It's Charles Bronson all over again, vigilante-inspired, it very well could be turn into a franchise for Denzel, who nailed it.

This Is Where I Leave You

A wonderful ensemble of a cast led by Jason Bateman, who comes across as smart and very likeable. It's less Tina Fey than I wanted, but the movie has substance and enough funny and awkward moments to keep it interesting.

The November Man

Your left asking why and so what. But very strong performances and fast-paced makes this thriller a very worthy movie.

The Hills Have Eyes

A family has the misfortune of running into a band of degenerate rejects, whose grotesque feast for flesh are not nearly enough to prevent a buffet of a good movie.

Old School
Old School(2003)

Mostly, a Luke Wilson film with Will Farrell thrown into for the biggest laughs. It's a rather sweet film, with childish pranks.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

A beautiful movie. Simple and sweet, it was filled with sweet curry and sweeter people. A full and worthy cast, but Helen Mirren stole the show with class and elegance in every scene she was in.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

It's cute, but it's only the beginning of this franchise -- just started getting steam as they only get better.

Dawn of the Dead

Surprisingly, well acted by a talented cast. Where it falls short is in the zombies: short sequence film on crazed dummies, who walk very slow and sometimes very fast. The fix? Shoot'em in the head.

Get On Up
Get On Up(2014)

I'd be surprised if Chadwick Boseman isn't nominated by the academy this year -- phenomenal performance. Accompanied by a worthy supportive cast, it was well-written and directed, too. Incidentally, much better that Jersey Boys.

SnakeHead Swamp

Crawling, swimming, snakehead seamonsters eating it's way thru the human buffet? All day long. But awful acting and special effects truly made this a nightmare to watch.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

All-star cameos give this credence even though it's ridiculously bad. So bad, I couldn't turn my TV off...it had to be watched!


Haven't this been disappointed in a film in a long time. In a drug induced pursuit of 100% brain capacity, it's 100% nonsense...and I wished I was on drugs and passed out.


It's okay, it's alright. But performances by "The Rock" and Barry Pepper make this truly worthy of your time.


Judy Dench is the genuine deal, and steals this show. Touching, tender, sad, and very appealing.

Delivery Man
Delivery Man(2013)

I avoided this movie as long as humanly possible, alas, it wasn't as bad as it looked. Kinda funny, kinda ridiculous, but kinda cute. Worth every $1.29 I paid for it.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

One could hope that Pacific Rim was a documentary on the cuisine of the Orient, but instead, it lacks everything good in a monster movie. Starting with ridiculously fake monsters.


Didn't want to see it, but mild laughs and a bit of McCarthy beats a kick in the head.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Worthy, but I couldn't help think of a combination of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and that of a video game. Do-overs welcome.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

More appropriately titled, "The Sham", it's charmingly and sarcastic comedy, filled with unlikeable Sandra Bullock-ness, who happens to be very likeable.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Besides the obvious evil creep that comes out for 23 days every 23 years, it's actually done pretty well. No teen sex (drats), and 90% of the movie is school kids on a bus. Stay off the bus!

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys(2014)

There may be good reason why it took 50 years to make this film. Good storyline, but predictable even if true. You better like the songs of The Four Seasons. Like, a lot. There classics, so I like them, but I grew very weary of the 15th song.

The Monuments Men

Frankly, I don't see what any of the hoopla was about. Good cast, well performed, but script was way too simple and easy. Two thumbs down.


Kinda cute, kinda dumb, and mildly funny. Efron was actually pretty good in his role, Rogen played himself which is always good, and Byrne was good but I couldn't get over her somewhat half accent.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

If you like westerns, comedies, F-Bombs, and penis and vagina jokes, you may like this film. Well acted cast, funny scenes, and feel good movie. Still, it was a bit short of my overly hyped expectations.


TV cast + bad special effects = sunk my movie-watching battleship. Still, it beats a kick in the head, and worth a lark.


A refreshing taste from the regular, Chef presents a beauty of food unparalleled. Chef Carl (Jon Favreau) finds his passion once again in a loving and funny movie. Kudos to Favreau, Emjay Anthony is adorable, John Leguizamo is infectious, Dustin Hoffman is effective, but Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson showed no depth for their roles. In the end, I was left hungry, and craved a grilled cheese.

Draft Day
Draft Day(2014)

For the novice, it's quite a wonderful movie with all the warmth and fuzzies. But for an advanced draft expert like myself, it was mildly appealing and the final trade outrageous.

Bee Season
Bee Season(2005)

Watching paint dry. I was patient. Very patient. Well filmed and a well assembled cast wasted on a dumb and dumber script. I was left wondering, did Richard Gere approve of this script or was it a bait and switch?

Invasion of the Bee Girls

Perhaps shows a bit of excessive boobage than your average B movie (not that there's anything wrong with that), it spared nothing. Did they have pause back then? It was hoot seeing this very dated 70's flick. Not sure of the trance of the Bee girls made a whole lot of sense, but it that would make it an A film.


I am surprised to see the movie got such low ratings. Perhaps it's because they thought they were going to see Descendants with George Clooney?

I thought it was a clever idea, a well executed script, with fantastic special effects. It played up the social/behavorial impact of technology, and while I am a major user, I didn't think it was that outlandish of a reach.

Muppets Most Wanted

There was nothing redeeming about this film. I don't even call it a comedy, as it contained 3 mild laughs, at best. I kept waiting for it to turn around, but it didn't. If it weren't for my 7 year old, I would have found my way to the exit.


A killer is much better than snakes on a plane. Very suspenseful, and the best part -- Liam Neeson. He can do anything. A little far-fetched ending, but a whole, a good movie.


The rock-formed men, better known as the watchers, made what would be great only pretty good. But there's no denying, Noah is a well made film, full of drama and spectacle. I enjoyed it.

Identity Thief

This got panned by many critics, but I took it for what it was, a mindless and funny oddball couple on the road. It has some very funny scenes, some raunchy, but overall, it was better than average.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

What starts off as novel premise, only ends in a laughable waste of time. Breaking thru the front door was one thing, but for it to disarm all the secure doors and windows was far too much to be believable. That was the good part.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Under the guise of artsy, is porn. There was no real reason for Stacy Martin's addiction, but the screw every guy in creation wasn't titillating, it was boring. Volume 2...er, no.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Quirky and intelligent, it's a fast-paced edgy dark comedy. Gustave (Fiennes) and Zero (Ronan) are very funny in their roles, but still, it left me a little unsatisfied.

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

Never have I see a piece of sh#t movie such as this. It's as if a 3rd grader wrote the script, wait, that would be too good.

300: Rise of an Empire

Confusion over the storyline, past vs present and past and present -- almost makes the total bloodbath unwatchable. But it's visually stunning, beautiful artwork on the screen -- I didn't quite care if there was a story. Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton are wonderful is their roles.

Dallas Buyers Club

I have to say, Matthew McConaughey showed he's an incredible actor. Jared Leto, known as the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars, is more than incredible -- he steals nearly every scene he is in. Albeit for personal gain and use, the Dallas Buyers Club is an incredible story of a man that goes on a major transformation, and wins.

Son Of God
Son Of God(2014)

Diogo Morgado is marvelous, as is most of the supporting cast. But, cheap models of Jerusalem, Roma Downey excessive close-ups, and the fake birds with caw-caw sounds slayed me. The excessive, near real-time crucifixion did some damage to the film, too.


Has all the mystery and suspense of a horror film, and pretty well acted. The problem is with the eery ghost, Mama. Fake, fake, and more fake. Special kudos to Jessica Chastain, who took on a much different role, and was excellent.

The Woman in the Fifth

The movie left me unsatisfied. It does well to cast such an air of mystery that the resolve just isn't there. There is good performances by all, but that's about it.

Sunset Strip
Sunset Strip(2012)

A fascinating look at the history of Sunset Blvd, which started from cruising the mob scene in the 30's, to striptease, to 70's rock, 80's hair bands, and to the current state. A lot of interviews worthwhile.


Besides some beautiful cinematography, it's a cheap manifestation of a wanna be. Cruise is okay in the role, but everyone else is moderate.


Mild execution when it coulda, woulda, been like Taken. It beats a kick in the head, but in all it's a meh. Plus, why would Marisa Tomei been cast as the Demascus woman, couldn't they get someone of middle eastern origin?

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

A skillfully crafted film that was more confusing than telling. Frankly, I didn't care about the characters. Catherine Zeta-Jones or not.

Seven Psychopaths

Smart dark comedy. One of the best times I've had for awhile. Riveting and interesting. Great cast giving great performances, and then killing ya for it.


When is a romantic comedy neither romantic or comedic? When the movie is called Admission.


It's not as bad as others have written (it's far worse). It does a nice job with the setup of the story, and falls flat on the ridiculously not-so-scary face. More dumb than sinister, in fact, I don't get the name.

Despicable Me 2

Just short of the debut, it's very worthy. Love the characters, the voices, and the animation. Gru, with his sinister ways, is now beloved.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Do rent this film if you are looking for another Cirque du Soleil. You have to like campy, or put up with it, and behind it you will find funny and wonderful monster effects. Worthy of a rental, no, a free cable movie.

The Big Wedding

Great cast of characters, but when it all hangs out, you wished you were at a BBQ instead of watching a movie. Mildly entertaining, especially the uncomfortable and awkward moments.


If you are a stop-motion fan, this is your movie. But while it is somewhat endearing of a story, it was drawn out...and made long for the 1984 version that was 27 minutes long.

Vehicle 19
Vehicle 19(2013)

A one-dimensional masterpiece. Well, not masterpiece, but really good drama thriller. Well, actually, not so much. He practically never left his car. For the reason of not going to the bathroom the whole time, Paul Walker gets a big thumbs up. Well, sideways.

Killer Joe
Killer Joe(2012)

Never did I hate so much a character, so excellent performance by McConaughey. But overall, it was overacting, a dumb premise, and loser characters. Still, it's worth a look if on cable.

The Land That Time Forgot

Entertaining (when absolute nothing else is on the TV), with B-grade effects. I'd like to say the acting was stellar, but I shall remain quiet on that front.

Stake Land
Stake Land(2011)

The tenderness of the characters set this film apart, as it was warm in tone. Then, silly vampire scenes, which looked more like monsters trashed the film. Give the director is love-filled drama, and it would be a stunner.


A coming of age film, the 3 stars of the film gave emotional and wonderful performances, although uncomfortable at times. Emmy Rossum, Zach Gilford, and Ashley Springer all get a shout out for their roles. The film pulls it off, but some of supporting roles lacked, and I don't think I like how they handled the end of the movie.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I'm not quite sure what it is that Walter Mitty was set out to accomplish. While it was "interesting" with each "pause", and somewhat entertaining, it was a simple plot and it became quite boring and uninteresting. Should be called, "The Adventures of Blah". Good cinematography, but that's all the good I have.

Behind the Candelabra

Granted, it's made for television, and it might be from the lovers point of view (played by Matt Damon) -- it was excellent. Damon was indeed great, but Michael Douglas was beyond believable in his betrayal of the late, great, Liberace.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Silly and stupid, and not the fun type. I love Anchorman 1, I mean LOVED. Good plot, but it took the cheap way out playing part 2 to many of the scenes from the first one...and it was just tired and boring.


Animation is outstanding, and features musical numbers that are worthy of Broadway performances (don't be surprised if it comes). But overall, the movie had a lot to be desired. Good for kids, okay for adults.


Not for children! Raunchy, lewd, and foul-mouthed -- but oh so good of a time. Surprisingly, lovely film. Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis give worthy performances.


A fascinating look at the life of Lemmy Kilmister. While not a true fan, I gained respect for Lemmy. So many monsters of rock were interviewed, and give him credit for one of the founders of Rock and Roll. Must see film.

Captain Phillips

The movie goes right into the conflict with very little setup. Edgy, the all of Somali's acting were amazing. Hanks plays along nice, and doesn't show much of a stretch, that is, until the last 15 minutes. An Oscar worthy performance for fright and shock brought tears to my eyes.


Powerful. Incredible performance by Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf, and oscar worthy performance by Jessica Chastain.

The Words
The Words(2012)

The Words is a powerfully acted movie. Strong performances by Cooper and Irons. Faced with forgery, he takes the path most worthy and pays the consequences.

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

Channing Tatum surprised me. He showed depth and conviction is this role. While the movie had some flaws, it was a guys movie that excelled.

Blast From the Past

A cute film. Based on a funny premise, the 35 year old Brandon Frasier is somewhat of an oddball. But finds love from being good at heart, kind, sweet, and well-mannered. Only in the movies.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Wonderful film. The acting by Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are nothing short of superb. Oscar worthy performances.

The Bourne Legacy

While Renner is not as strong in the lead as Damon, the storyline is good. Norton is wonderful casted in support.

Thor: The Dark World

Another rambunctious romp through the hemisphere. Like its predecessor, Thor delivers thru a fast pace, thrill ride. Portman is less than important, Hemsworth is great and formidable, but Loki (Tom Hiddleston) steals every scene. Bravo to the one with evil desires.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

Plays a game, wins, and loses. Another child-based movie, where heroes are born at too early of an age -- and passes the time, at best.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

Very silly, but worth a few laughs and a chuckle.

Last Vegas
Last Vegas(2013)

Charming, sweet, and funny -- what can I say but the movie delivered. The movie fit like a glove, and I was ready for the punch.

Despicable Me

Absolutely loved it. So adorable, and besides the Shrek franchise...this is best!

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

While there were some flaws, generally speaking, I bought it. The tiger and the boy, and all of its glory in a small boat...survived my need for a movie.

White House Down

It's a rip roarin' good time by two mismatched guys. Kind of reminds me of Die Hard...but not as good.


Visually, it's marvelous. Reality, it's a 2 person voyage of both Bullock and Clooney. It has huffing and puffing pace, and in the end -- is a one woman road of survival to "so what".

The Counselor

Wonderful performances by all except Cameron Diaz, who was undeniably false. Individual scenes were well acted, but the end left me with "That's it?"

The Family
The Family(2013)

Wonderful casting, but the movie falls short.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

A clever, well-written, and delightfully delicious film.

The Fifth Estate

I'm becoming a big fan of Daniel Bruhl, anything and everything the guy is in is gold. But while Benedict Cumberbatch and Laura Linney give worthy performances, it isn't enough to save the Fifth Estate into the forgettable millennium. Alicia Vikander is a feast for the eyes, but the film isn't.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist is fundamentally flawed. While Riz Ahmed, Live Schreiber, Keifer Sutherland, and Kate Hudson are categorically excellent, the story is basic and the plot has a lot to desired.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Phenomenal but a tough watch. Wonderful script and acting, academy worthy performance by both Whitaker and Winfrey, but everyone was very strong. Not that black oppression doesn't still exist, but from the 60's and 70's footage shown or re-enacted in the film, it will leave me with sad and haunting images for some time. Well done, and a must see.

The Lone Ranger

It's a significant departure from the original TV series in tone, liberties that both the format and current times allow for, but from what I can tell - this will be a new hit franchise as long as Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer wish it to be. Great screen chemistry between Depp and Hammer, depth in the characters, and well-written dialogue brought new life into the odd couple of Indian and Ranger. The love/hate relationship between them and really fun to watch in a whole new way. The supporting cast was very strong, with special mention to Tom Wilkinson.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

A less campy, less cheesy, and much higher budget than other Zombie movies...even with Brad Pitt lending his name, and his very compelling performance in the impossible -- the movie had no lasting bite. Relying a lot on spooking the audience with off-frame entrance, angles, and blind spots...and then the massive aerial shots of paranoia. CGI or not, thousands of Zombies coming to life was quite spectacle making it one of those movies best seen on the big screen -- but it's a highly mediocre movie at best. Well made for what it was, but it left a lot of holes in the story. I wanted more gore, a better explanation, a better solution, better characters, and ultimately - suggest to the makers of WWZ to just watch Walking Dead for a model.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

I have a man crush. I swooned more for Henry Cavill than I did for the all grown up and very sexy Amy Adams. Cavill stole nearly every scene he was in with his dashing good looks -- he's a physical specimen. So much so, I started a new diet and workout regimen immediately following the 2.5 hours of sitting on my butt, and eating a large popcorn with butter.

Well-casted, well-acted, and well-directed. What wasn't well - a weak and predictable dialogue and repetitive and prolonged fight scenes between the immortals. Superman could save the world, but if only Henry Cavill could have written the script, too...you might have something.

Still, this is worth seeing...but lower your expectations.

The Great Gatsby

Maximum stars to the costume design, sets, and cast (all brilliant). However, if I had known in advance that 75%+ of the film would be narrated by the scratchy and ever so wobbly voice of Tobey McGuire, I may have brought my ipod to listen to something else (he's certainly no Morgan Freeman, but who is).

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

While not as a good as 1 or 2, the franchise pulls out yet another winner from its hat. Downey proves that there is no one else in the universe that could play this role - his wit, charm, and sense of the role is nothing short of outstanding. Paltrow is again terrific, and looks even better. Pearch, and Kinglsey, require varied roles and nailed them. The storyline took many easy turns and way-outs, and for that...1 star off. Still, it's entertaining as hell.


I saw this 2005 movie on DVD over the christmas break. Wow, was I bored. Although I enjoyed the equivalent of a few scenes and a mild laughs, overall this was an average animated movie. Seeing this back-to-back after Despicable Me, that couldn't have help shape my opinion to the positive.


Thank God I saw this for free on cable "on demand". Disappointing even at that price, what a horrible concept to take advantage of college aged kids and put them in as a bait to wanna-be killers who pay a fee to kill them their way. Did I spoil it for you? Sorry, but you can thank me later if it prevents you from seeing this. The true horror is the time I wasted.

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

An inspirational feelgood story of a troubled but ultra-talented Filipino, who gets discovered via youtube while singing songs of Journey with his cover band in the Philippines. A look into the tremendously rare modern cinderella story of Arnel Pineda's, we get to know his story well, and lots of great interviews with the bandmates as we follow them on tour.

As a documentary, very well done. To the Steve Perry fans out there (me!), a small amount of footage, mentions, and homage -- all respectful...but to "us"...there truly is no replacement.

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

Kinda cute, a few chuckles, but greatly subpar compared to other animation flicks.

Parental Guidance

Somehow, someway, I stumbled into seeing this moving despite the fact I didn't want to see it. If you look for redeeming value, it is a family comedy that the kids will enjoy...but only mildly from an adult POV. Simply put, the movie tries too hard to please, and it falls way short.

The Guilt Trip

This movie works because of its two leading actors. While it's not a life-changer, the writing is cute, funny, real, and makes this son of a Streisand-like mama take note of an unconditional love that only a mama has.

Silver Linings Playbook

Cooper and Lawrence are unexpectedly wonderful, sharing with us a huge range of emotions in a dialogue-rich movie, with just the right amount of comedy and sweetness to break up the awkwardness. I disagree with a 'comedy' classification, as it better labeled as a romantic 'drama'. Oscar nominations...get ready.

Love Shack
Love Shack(2010)

For what this is, it's hysterical. Caught it on Cable a few months ago, and laughed my butt off. It's campy, very silly, and fun. Lighten up (or light one up), and enjoy.

The Intouchables

An absolutely charming and wonderful movie, and perhaps my vote for movie of the year. Beautifully done, intelligent and real dialogue. Omar Sy has incredible screen presence, and watch out world -- this guy is a real superstar on the rise.

Good Night, And Good Luck

Yawn. Not that it isn't well-deserving of honors for movie-making. Beautifully done, wonderfully acted. By now, everyone knows the story...but the from the POV of Murrow makes it somewhat interesting. It's sleepytime as it's all dialogue, so start up the DVD when you are wide-awake while sniffing on smelling-salt.


I thought Ben Affleck was terrific in this role, best since Good Will Hunting many moons ago. Overall, the cast gave solid performances. Even though this is based on a true story, it seemed weakly constructed for a movie on the big screen and better suited for a TV movie of the week. John Goodman's cheeky self, and although he's as lovable as always, he may have been the demise all by himself.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Not a classically executed Planet of the Apes movie. It was as cheesy as an Incredible Hulk movie with B quality CGI effects, and a predictable plot. Since we no longer can bring back Roddy McDowall, it would be nice to find a new version of him as a basis for the franchise...really humanizing the "ape". Let it be widely known, the beauty of Freida Pinto can make any okay movie great (note to all casting directors).


Must read synopsis before just flying into movie. Denzel was absolutely amazing, truly a living master. However, not fun; not pleasant; not an upper of a movie. After the prolonged opening scene with the gorgeous naked girl, it was all a downer as the Pilot dealt with substance abuse, and the real man behind his uniform.

Les Misérables

Musicals vs suicidals, it's one or the other. Surely, some of my friends would be a statistic...this is not for everyone. I absolutely loved it, and even more so than when I saw it on Broadway 10 years ago. The rawness of the actors voices only helped lead this viewer to a gusher of emotion, and least 2 hankies worth of tears. My expectations were high for the movie, and it was well met.

Anne Hathaway was nothing short of amazing, voice and acting, and stole every scene she was in. So tender and vulnerable, truly captured in song. Hugh Jackman, already known for his multi-talents, showed more depth than I've ever seen him do, and hit some notes that were operatic. Both deserve strong consideration for an Oscar.


Javier Bardem, stole the screen. For me, this Bond was the worst in years. Don't get me wrong, I think Daniel Craig has been awesome in the last 2 films, but he looked more than exhausted, even old. It's time for him to be replaced by someone new, and move into be the new 'Dad'...or join the cast of the next "The Expendables".

Playing for Keeps

Cute, touching, predictable, and a good date movie. My celebrity love interest, Catherine Zeta-Jones looks great! Nice role change for Butler showing his softer side and vulnerablity as a former sports star settling into normalcy and family life.

This is 40
This is 40(2012)

Do not see this with your Mom. Lots of raw sex talk, with conversations and scenes that would make a pornstar blush. Great cast performance. (Shhh...I liked it.)

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

Solid performance by Cruise, as always, as he plays another confident, high-flying, full-arsenal good guy....taking the law into his own hands.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

If it weren't for a few loveable actors (Hough, Baldwin, Brand, Blige), Boneta (good/charming), and songs we love -- this 2 hour music video of cheese karaoke is just embarrassing and barely watchable.

Nailing their roles, but just made the movie from bad to worse: Cruise (nasty and so over done. Obviously he is in-shape, shirtless, built and walks like a monkey), and my celebrity crush Zeta-Jones, gorgeous, but acted in the style of Mars Attacks, simply not good writing nor directing.

Mock of Ages, a Broadway remake, it is not.


After several Alien sequel disappointments, my expectation was fairly low. Ridley Scott definitely created something worthy, very worthy, with Prometheus. While it left me with more questions than answers, it was quite riveting all-the-way, with several extremely memorable scenes that were brilliant. I want more.

Bill W.
Bill W.(2012)

A reminder that this type of documentary can wait to be seen on your TV or computer~no rush. Important film, nonetheless, on a most humble, troubled, and influential man. Who has not been touched directly, or indirectly, by AA? Or perhaps the tons of other support groups started based on the same methodology? I learned a lot about the person, who was also an incredible and gifted writer...little gems about life were shared onscreen.

Men in Black III

Josh Brolin was terrific with his imitation of Tommy Lee Jones, and a nice surprise ending. But how many 8 eye-ball creatures with pulsating slime can we take? The novelty has worn off, Iâ(TM)m done...I stop at III.

The Hunger Games

Thumbs down. Sorry all, but when did it become âokayâ? for kids to kill kids? Worse yet, in a satirical game show in the future, with outlandish characters, silly haircuts, and topped off with some sappy love...made it a very long 6 hour movie (or did it just feel like it?). The fight scenes were some of the worst I've ever seen.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

No worries, no race/religion/creed/disablements and/or preferences are excluded from being offended. Fans of âBoratâ? should feel completely satisfied, others will be horrified, and yet others (like me) occasionally snicker and shake their head in disbelief when they canâ(TM)t believe âhe went thereâ? in multiple inappropriate and rude ways.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

How can a movie fail with such an outstanding cast? It doesn't, that's how. With writing that covered the gammut of old and young alike, great change in each character done the way it's supposed to. While at times this is just cute and good fun, tears may turn to rivers as you just may relate a little too much...and realize, it's never too late to change.

Marvel's The Avengers

Run, fly, leap to your theatre NOW to see this film. Absolutely the most fun, well-crafted, wild, and enjoyable 'superhero' movie ever. Tons of great scenes, but as Downey ("Ironman") stole nearly every scene, while Scarlett ("The Black Widow") stole my heart (yet again, especially in 3D...psst call me).

American Reunion

The old gang is back together again for more! Oh how unfortunate! With the exceptions of a few good scenes (Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy), the writing was so poor. Juvenile humor is expected, but this was just vulgar. Very sad to see this classic series sink to an ultimate low.

21 Jump Street

During the watching of this movie, I made 21 jumps off the bridge. Unfortunately, I avoided death each and every time and was forced to continue watching it. Jonah Hill is always his lovable and charming self (albeit half his normal size), but even he isn't enough to save this movie from teenage comedy hell.

Chico & Rita
Chico & Rita(2012)

An adult-themed cartoon -- more like remarkable animated art. Beautifully done in vibrant colors and spectacular detail. Characters made to life with real emotion. Features wonderful, great jazz music that you will soon, thereafter, buy to play for years.

The Hot Chick

Another body-switching movie? Campy and silly, Rob Schneider and Anna Faris were both adorable, along with a full cast of clowns and cameos...I laughed and couldn't seem to hit the 'stop' button.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I took the bait of this story with a hook about hope, dreams, love, and loss -- and would recommend taking a nibble of this shiny gem. Wonderful dialogue along with stunning performances by Ewan McGregor, Kristin Scott Thomas, Amr Waked, and new celebrity crush - Emily Brunt.


The characters, and general theme of the movie, are quite hysterical. Crude and rude at times, but fitting for the premise of the story -- a couple of yuppies in a hard-luck crisis stumble into a life-changing hippiefest commune. It challenges them to the utmost, and in the process -- they find out who they really are, what's important to each other, and what they need to do next. That sounds quite deep, so don't get the wrong idea...it's a comedy. Certainly not great, but it's good and worthy of a few laughs.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

The grey of my soul became a darker shade, and half-way thru...I had to be saved from dying. Liam was amazing, but the support cast was caricatures and the animated wolves were no better. I asked for the check, and walked out before the wolf stew was served.

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

If Alec Baldwin = the Bourne series, this is his younger brother Billy. Still, this is a movie worth seeing, with s some of the best non-stop car chases, stunts, and fights I've ever seen on the screen. With a good supporting cast, Denzil is brilliant and Ryan Reynolds delivered big time...saving this movie from it's own predictable storyline.

Beauty and the Beast

This rendition in 3D was very good, but not a great deal of improvement over the original. Worthy of seeing again, anyway, if you havenâ(TM)t seen it for awhile. Add the El Capitan to the mix, and you have one great evening out with the kids.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Itâ(TM)s fast-paced, so hold on. Nearly every moment of this film has you on a ride of a lifetime. Great effects, and non-stop action â" this movie convinced me that Cruise is still very relevant with a lot left in the tank.


A bit of a stretch for a story, but enjoyable thru and thru. Nice cast ensemble, but Wahlberg steals nearly every scene.


Spike, youâ(TM)ve really done it this time. Itâ(TM)s brutally honest, sensitive, and real. Great poetry, dialogue, and wonderful soundtrack. Performances by the entire cast make this film a true surprise.


The fight scenes with Gina Carano were excellent, unfortunately the other 1.5 hours were like watching a drop of rain drip down on a window, slow and unfulfilling. I'd also think twice about seeing another dialogue-heavy Soderbergh film featuring a lead that's not an actress, first. Lines by Carano were not delivered with any depth, whatsoever. Douglas and McGregor were terrific, Paxton a strange casting as her father (he's looks too young), and Banderas was okay but his character was thin.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Brutally disappointing. It's Free Willy galloping with four legs pulling a big cart of cheese.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

Surprise film of the year. A real time-machine sends you back to 1927, with charm, wit, and joy...you'll smile all the way to the Five & Dime store. I'm now a fan of Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Riveting and well-acted, with some very uncomfortable and gratuitous scenes (rape, murder, torture) -- which should be known before choosing this movie. With that said, wonderfully done with an amazing cast of well-knowns Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Wright, and wow - Rooney Mara - haunting and beautiful. (I can't wait to see her in her next big role and something very different, please!)

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

Okay, so here's the deal. It's not at all great for anyone or any kid that does't already know, like, or love the Muppets. The storyline supports that no one cares about them anymore, and it is heavy on the cheese scale. However, if you liked the Muppets 20+ years ago (like me!), you will find it fun and nostalgic, enjoyable and worth seeing.

We Bought a Zoo

Attended an pre-screening of the movie last night, and this movie surprised me with depth of the characters, and the dynamics of going on after a tragic loss. Passionate performances, while being cute and family movie. A lot of takeaways from this movie.


Hardly unique in yet another film with a Queen Elizabeth (costumes during the period, make-up), although beautifully done. If you're a Shakespeare buff, you might rebuke this one. Yet, an interesting take on the legend...with several redeeming scenes in-between the hokey. The character of Shakespeare, was a minor role, and was like a charactature of a poor Russell Brand versus the great writer we (think we know and) love..

The Swell Season

A real treat for Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova fans, amazing music, raw footage, backstage conversations, and hardships & joy to their relationship. Wonderfully filmed to capture their story.

Puss in Boots

While I love the character, it was fun and entertaining for the first 45 mins or so. The last 30 mins were laboriously slow as it got younger, cornier, and the plot super thin.


Masterful, brutal, beautiful -- it's Gladiator meets 300. Not quite as good as those 2 (which are both in my top 10), but has amazing imagery & special effects, interesting (although not totally unique) storyline, and beautiful bodies (especially Freida Pinto you caused me to have a heart attack). Henry Cavill, John Hurt, and Mickey Rourke were all excellent, with additional support cast -- all pretty terrific.

In Time
In Time(2011)

A futuristic Bonnie and Clyde, except this version is AWFUL. Every cheesy line in the book is used, and the concept gets annoying. It stole my time, don't let it steal yours.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

A lovely film in every way. Beautiful young couple, with all the joy and sweetness, forced to deal with a hard reality thrown at them. Very emotional film, wonderfully acted, heartbreaking and sweet. Felicity Jones, you young lady, are a star for many years to come.

The Debt
The Debt(2011)

Not a classic film, and greatly disappointing. While there were worthy performances, especially that of Jesper Christiansen and Jessica Chastain. However, the plot & character development were too simple and due to the nature of the content, disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. A classic movie is something you would want to take a friend to and see again on the big screen, or watch it again at home when the DVD is released, or 10 or 25 years from now. Um, not this one.

The Way
The Way(2011)

Inspirational and spiritually moving story. Powerful performance by Martin Sheen, and equally wonderful by a dynamic supporting cast. Albeit a bit slow pace, I slowed down to it and really enjoyed the dialogue, the travel from France to Spain, and the trials of the human spirit.

The Ides of March

Well, Mr Gosling, you have arrived. Without showing your usual 6-pack, you are officially a fine actor. Great cast, and special role for Evan Rachel Wood who was terrific...and finest performance since Thirteen.


Very well written story (another pen by Aaron Sorkin), that would be interesting to both baseball fans and those not so much. For those that love stats & analysis - it's a dream.

What's Your Number?

Anna Faris is so charming and very likeable (and hot)...but the film is a step below a top-tier comedy. It's cute, and worth a few chuckles. A Bridesmaids it is not.

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

Well-acted, action-packed, but it was about 30 mins too long...and I found myself looking for it to end. Worth seeing for this type of movie, but Killer Elite is not worthy of a Movie Elite status.


Somehow I missed "documentary", thinking I was going to see a movie based on Senna's life. Instead, this WAS Senna. Now, I am not a race fan, per say, but I do recall several of the incidents while watching it. Raw real footage of the driver with his battles, the heroism, doing his joy and passion. I enjoyed it! It may have been a bit long, as I would have got just as much enjoyment seeing a Espn 60 minute film, but it was otherwise very well done.


MMA version of Rocky - great performances! Loved this movie! Tom Hardy (amazing, watch out Hollywood), Joel Edgerton (a star), and Nick Nolte (legend) make this fight movie really worth seeing. Just saw a pre-release of this movie...highly recommend when it comes to a theatre near you!

Friends With Benefits

For a light-hearted comedy, this is very cute. Not a complicated storyline by any means, but many sweet and funny scenes. The chemistry of Justin & Mila is undeniable. Justin's personality shines here (and he is a skinny jerk with great abs), and Mila is so very ugly I could hardly look (opposite is true). Patricia Clarkson is also great in her role as Mila's mom.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Very, very cute! Covering all kinds of love, from the young/first to the crazy/stupid to the love that's lasting...this movie has it all and done so wonderfully. Great writing, lots of laughs, and terrific performances. Carell was fantastic in this role, from his funny self to all facets of emotion, and Gosling is without a doubt a star. Marisa Tomei steals my heart, but nothing new there(!)...even though she plays a spurned/crazy gal!


Beautiful film. Documentary about Buck, who's the real deal. A true cowboy, strong, quiet spirit, who just get's it. Highly recommend this for any horse lover, and if you don't (crazy)..you will still love and appreciate this man.

Horrible Bosses

No. Although a great cast, not a good movie. Loved Charlie Day, Jennifer looked amazing, Spacey was great as expected. It had a few memorable and funny lines, but overall no comparison to a classic, funny film. The first half of the movie was very slow and mild chuckle at best, and it picked up a bit towards the second half.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

It was not the ET-type film that I expected. It did have the nostalgic feel and kid-like qualities, and fine performances of all the young actors, especially that of Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney. The alien was interesting, but lacked depth and emotional interest & care to it. Overall, very enjoyable, fun, and entertaining.

The Hangover Part II

Disgusting, vile, disturbing...and all what we have loved from the first Hangover. Same cast of characters, same premise, and just as entertaining. Alan (Zach Galifianakis), has to be one of the best characters of all time.

Green Lantern

I had low expectations from the previews I saw. But it overwhemingly surprised me, and was much better than I expected! Special effects were great, decent writing, and I enjoyed the 3D. Ryan Reynolds has great sceen presence, and a very attractive love interest (Blake Lively).

Midnight in Paris

Lovely, fun, and so Paris! Highly recommend if you adore Woody's writing, and if you've forgotten just how much, see this and you will fall in love all over again.


Hysterical. Very cute movie, lots of big laughs, gross moments, and fun awkwardness...what else do you want from a comedy? Kristen Wiig is a comedic star on the rise, with a great supporting cast.

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

Another quality movie with Paul Giamatti, with a great supporting cast, but similar formula of a shluffy good guy, who is quirky and likeable. Very well written and intriguing character development. Didn't leave saying "wow", but "Good movie, I liked it".


Entertaining, but not great...especially when compared against others of its type (Spiderman, Ironman, Superman). But, worthy of your time. Hopkins, of course, is awesome. Natalie, always a pleasure. Chris Hemsworth, will make the ladies coo. What a jerk! ;-)


I didn't want to see this! I thought the previews made this look awful. But, I saw it, liked it, and would recommend it! Blu and his homeland gal were very cute, great voices (George Lopez et'al), and fun story.


Hanna started out predictable. The trailer gave away most of the beginning, but then things got interesting. Saorise Ronan is a talent, and undeniably someone to watch for years. Hanna is action packed, but it isn't about what happens in the beginning or the end. It's all about the adventure: self discovery, friendship, family, truth, and choices.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

A beautiful film. Emotionally engaging, wonderful performances. Highest recommendation if you want to see a QUALITY film!

The Lincoln Lawyer

Excellent movie! Great writing, and a very strong performance by McConaughey. Special shout-out to my gal, Marisa.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Dark, bloody, sensual, disturbing. Beautiful dancing (if you like ballet!), and an incredible emotional performance by Portman.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

This is totally a video game movie, based on terrible premise. Beware - this movie was 100% inappropriate for a young teen (rated PG-13). It was disturbing and very dark, beautiful girls in their 20â(TM)s in an underworld sporting thigh-high stockings in short skirts (ok, that part was really good)â¦but these girls were forced to imagine into a fantasy world to escape the realities of abuse and torture. Sick men, and desperate woman...soon to be in a xbox game near you. Nice huh?

Same director as 300, so it did have some visually amazing scenes that could be art on a wall...but overall pretty sick...in a bad way...put to Bjork and some other pretty cool music. The soundtrack will be mine!

Battle: Los Angeles

Well, it was a little better than I expected. It was non-stop action, and the acting was decent. Aaron Eckhart was 98% good, and the other 2% with bad cliche lines (I expected more, so that's good!). The view, from one Marine unit in LA responding to their order to save civilians. Expect a lot of one-dimensional military shooting, and decent alien special-effects (I've seen better). A lot of battle scenes! Overall, it was pretty good and to me, seem very possible if Aliens were to attack us. If you like this sort of thing, Aliens, Predator, and the like -- it's worthy.


I loved it. Animation so life-like with amazing textures, great writing, and funny voices. The story is very cute...with a great message. Some adult humor will have you chuckle, and go right over the head of the kids.

The Adjustment Bureau

If you remove several layers of dreams from Inception, borrow some romantic cheese from the Titanic, and mild spiritual elements from the Matrix...you would be left thinking it's too bad they didn't put in some stop-motion fighting scenes with flying kicks! It's an interesting concept, well executed, but way too simple of a plot that makes this movie just a mildly good rental.
~Seen 3/8/2011

The Last Lions

Another great documentary by National Geographic. I've seen several on TV for free...so not sure why I paid $12 to see it on the big screen! It had both lovely and graphic elements as it followed a story of a mother lioness to protect her 3 cubs from countless danger. Perhaps the most incredible thing learned is that it is estimated that only 20,000 lions exist, down from 450,000 estimated less than 50 years ago. Lions face extinction!
~Movie seen March 5, 2011

The King's Speech

Amazing, great dialogue, totally recommend!


Honestly, not as good as I expected. Love Liam and the lovely looking ladies! Interesting storyline and well-acted, but long...could have been 30-45 mins shorter of a movie.


Love music, but can't say I am the biggest fans of Carol King and James Taylor. Of course, I've always loved a few songs from each, but just missed being 'into' them by a few years. However, this is a movie that shouldn't be missed. About the songwriting-era of the 70's in LA, centered around the famous Troubador music club. Great story, and wonderful interviews and older (and current) footage of some of the all time greats. In limited release, but coming soon to a theatre near you!

Blue Valentine

Wonderfully acted, intriguing, but really hard to watch at times...uncomfortably real. Recommend for adults only. Not an upper of a movie, but very worthy.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Not as good as I expected. The storyline was predictable, but very cool special effects (recommend seeing it in Disney 3D)...and a little more enjoyable since it was certainly nostalgic. I was amazed at how much I forgot of the original film, and the video game I used to play.

Little Fockers

Cute, and good for a few chuckles. Better than the second movie, but nowhere near the first.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Everyone loves this movie that I've spoken to. I so wanted to laugh, but after one hour...I actually walked out! I found it very dry, very slow, and not entertaining at all. I love the actors/actresses, normally, but just a bad script in my opinion.

Dinner for Schmucks

Couldn't wait to see this one! Cute storyline, with tongue and cheek humor. Carell and Rudd were great...and it also featured 2 of my fav actors from Flight of the Conchords. I found myself chuckling for pretty much of 90 mins.

The Expendables

Entertaining cast for sure, but terrible writing and very predictable storyline. Sorry to say, but a couple of the older guys are beyond 'done'.


From the trailers, i wasn't really that interested in seeing SALT. But, I have to tell ya, LOVED IT. In a Bourne-like fast-paced action style, this movie never let you rest. I thought Angelina was fantastic in this role, the movie ended, and I still wanted more.


Great premise, but it was definitely confusing. I was impressed by the special effects, but overall - too odd and unreachable.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Not great, but cute. Good for a rental.

The Informant!

Good twist, writing, acting -- but toooooooooo long.

The Blind Side

Great story, nice performances, well done!


If you haven't seen this one, you are lucky -- DO NOT! Not good.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

This was a tough movie to watch at times, like a punch to the gut, and admittedly - quite a tear jerker. But very worthy to see: great script and performances. Mo'nique was spectactular playing the Mom of Precious.

Red Cliff (Chi Bi)

Some excellent moments, but overall WAYYYYY too long of a movie. I've heard the DVD will include a 5 hour edition - and I cannot imagine not committing harakari if I was forced to watch it.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Saw the movie, and left terribly disappointed.

Angels & Demons

Good, but a far cry from the first movie.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

It's dry, so most people don't seem to get this movie (according to yahoo reviews). I absolutely loved it, amazing writing and the unexpected...I found myself giddy during the movie. Yet overheard an older couple say "That's got to be the worst movie ever."

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

Liked but not loved.


Bad, but Jane Fonda looks amazing...so 2 bonus stars for that!

Il Postino: The Postman (Il Postino)

Beautiful and sweet story...great soundtrack!

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

Great dialogue, I found Ricky Gervais very very funny.


The book must've been good with all the hub-bub. But, the acting was very bad (especially that of Kristen Stewart), and the dialogue was very poor. I don't even think this is worth a $1 rental.

Cadillac Records

Great music, great performances

When a Stranger Calls

The phrase "have you checked the children" still haunts me to this day

Sex and the City

Entertaining, but cheesy and underwhelming. If you you want my opinion, Carrie made a huge error.

My Best Friend's Girl

If you love Dane Cook stand-up, you will love this movie: Raunchy, nasty, uncomfortable at times, take-a-shower-afterwards kind of movie. Kate looks great (as always), and good performances by Baldwin and Biggs. Overall, not good.

Tropic Thunder

I am rating this higher than I really want to. I was bored thru most of the movie - made to be a bad. Big name stars playing B-movie actors -- very cheesey and lots of overacting (on purpose)...but I found it too cheesy and not very funny. There were several good performances (Downey, Stiller), and Cruise did well for his character portrayed.

The Commitments

More F-bombs than any other movie, good movie with a great soundtrack! Glen Hansard (ONCE) in the band...which is very cool.


Surprisingly good, great dialogue, charming -- definitely feels like an old movie classic

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Well acted, great dialogue, sexy, and hell -- lots of beautiful Barcelona shots!


raw, great music! get the soundtrack!


Although not surprisingly a balanced point of view from yet another Michael Moore, the film had some undeniably true and excellent insights into our current healthcare system. Excellent film.

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes(2001)

The movie as ok, the movie was horrifying and eerie...but the effects, the sets, the colors were visually gorgeous. Some scenes were amazing art!

Rio Bravo
Rio Bravo(1959)

The year this movie was made was NOT 1998...look at this cast?!


Just 'ok', interesting premise and as usual, Smith was great, Theron was better...but movie was cheesy and the effects were below other current movies of this type.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Downright anti-semetic content, very off-color humor, uncomfortable scenes, but unmistakenly memorable funny scenes meant to be in jest. Sacha has created a very charming character.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

I hate real-time movies -- very very slow. Catherine Zeta-Jones was a highlight (visually speaking)


am i the only person who liked this movie?