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Are you rushing or dragging? RUSHING OR DRAGGING! ?


Was a very slow paced film. Well acted, especially by Carell and Ruffalo.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The original is a favorite flick of mine. Its been a long ten years between 1 and 2. Admittedly my enthusiasm has died down a bit during that decade. Still I was excited to see the continuation.
Sadly this goes down as one of my biggest disappointments. Clive Owen did not reprise his role. Some of the more dynamic characters were not replaced with equally intriguing ones (not the fault of Levitt or Brolin).
A Dame to Kill For felt like a true sequel, a shell of its former self and void of what made it great to begin with.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

This film was well liked across the board. It had a few spots I enjoyed, but overall I found it to be average. That being said, I am not the target audience and you can't please everyone. In this case it looks like I am on the outside looking in.

The Interview

I had no interest in wanting to see this film. Yet the ruckus around the film angered me, so I went out of my way to watch it. And it was just as terrible as anticipated.

Much Ado About Nothing

If you dislike Shakespeare or are unfamiliar with the story then stay away from this film.


I was very excited to see this film, a neo-Beauty and the Beast sounds intriguing. Unfortunately with high expectations comes greater pressure to succeed. And this film goes down as one of my most disappointing films of all time.
The acting seems more suited for a teenage television show. There were several unbelievable scenes involving a character standing unnoticed only a few steps away from another individual. The plotline involving Lindy being forced into staying with the "Beast" was was not convincing; the character of her father in particular was not well thought out. Finally Ive heard multiple people point out how cool the main character looked after he turned 'ugly'. In fact, Ive seen quite a lot of people that intentionally give themselves a similiar look!
Neil Patrick Harris was wonderful and is actually a bright spot in the movie.
When the movie was over the basic theme that was left was not 'beauty within' but more like 'it doesnt matter how ugly you become as long as you have money...'

Movie 43
Movie 43(2013)

Awful, not funny, awful and awful

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

So I watched Buried and was incredibly disappointed. I figured there is only so much content that can be put into a film about a guy stuck in one place. So it was only by chance that I saw yet another movie about a guy stuck in one spot.
As it turns out it can be done eloquently. 127 Hours was vastly superior in every way to Buried.
His character was likable, the situation and his attempts to get free were plausible. It was a balanced film too; it was as suspenseful as it was charming.
The end sequences were powerful with great cinematography and sound. This is a film you can watch with a group of people (not children) or on your own.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

The film itself was well acted, but the best part of this film was Rhys Wakefields performance. Edwin Hodge too deserves credit for making his character believable.
The beginning of the film has an eerie tone to it. Knowing the premise of the film, the neighbors are a little too nice and a little too fake for comfort. In fact the director should have counted on the viewers having advanced knowledge of the movie and left some subtlety to their interactions.
The violence level exceeds that of a typical suspense movie and seems to bleed into more of an action flick. Although the premise of the film will remain memorable for years, aside from a few sequences, most of the film is both expected and ordinary.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Very good! Tony Stark's somehow loveable arrogance and wit translates well into film.
This is a film that non-comic fans can enjoy too.

Star Trek Into Darkness

This is crazy! Im not a Trekkie! I don't really even like Star Trek! I think I've seen a few episodes of the Next Generation, but I swear that's as far as I went! So why did I enjoy this film so much? Why did I enjoy the last one so much? Why am I really looking forward to the next film they put out?? And how did I manage to write a review without using a single period?!?

Fast & Furious 6

Hard to recall a sixth installation in a series that has done as well as this one. There are only a handful. Each FF film stands on its own, while constantly referencing back to the original. Much like the other stories, it presents over-the-top car stunts. However this sixth film does something well that the other sequels do not. Its the bow on the gift box; I ties everything together. Which is something this series sorely needed.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby was both stylized and colorful; however they could have easily edited out 30 minutes of content without affecting the film in the slightest. Dicaprio and Mulligan were great. Yet if you have a short attention span then stay away. This film has a lot of drama/banter.

Another Earth

This film feels as though it should have been a television series. There's considerable potential in the setup and the content. This film could have been the next Lost or The Walking Dead. Instead the surface of 'another Earth' is barely scratched. What we are left with is an interesting, somber and twisted relationship between two characters. That aspect of the film was well done, but somehow the story feels incomplete.

I Spit On Your Grave

I thought the original was both powerful and traumatic so I was excited about the remake. I was disappointed when they opted for a more trendy style, with a torture set up rather than a more primal and cinematic revenge film. I liked Saw, but the original I Spit On Your Grave had its own formula that would have worked better without borrowing from other films.


Great film. An adolescent love story for adults to enjoy.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

This is a kids film. Play this movie for children. That's when its at its best. Otherwise its just okay.

X-Men: First Class

If your a proponent of women's rights, the civil rights movement or gay rights this should be an action movie to watch. The undertones of X-Men have always about the downtrodden and the oppressed. AND the leader is a rich white guy!

Marvel/X-Men fans will once again have to disregard the timeline of the comic books. Even so, its nice to see your favorite characters in live-action.

The film re-tells the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis from an untold story with mutant involvement. The audience gets to watch Eric (Fassbender) develop into a Malcolm X-like character. While his peer Charles (McAvoy) takes the rout of the more peaceful MLK Jr.

January Jones was wonderfully cast as the White Queen, but her role in the film is very light especially since there is so much substance to her deep comic character.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult both do great in their respective roles as Mystique and Beast.

The music score is wonderfully ominous, it adds to the drama of the screenplay without distacting you from the storyline.

And lastly, if your having trouble linking the younger actors to Kevin Bacon then this is your lucky day because he plays a villian in this one too.

Its overall a very interesting film.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo(2011)

I saw this film by chance. It wasn't really geared for my demographic; so if I had been a 12 y.o. girl I would have rated this much higher.
The film ran like a Disney teen sitcom. The main character has problems at home and she's graduating high school. Looking forward to a trip to Paris where things don't go as planned.
Then theres a love interest for each of the leading ladies, and because they each found a man there's a happy ending. Very typical, but your teenage daughter will eat it right up.

30 Minutes or Less

Very entertaining. Its in the Pinneapple Express, silly-comedy genre. Aziz Ansari is hilarious! Michael Pena, Nick Swardson, Danny McBride & Jesse Eisenberg all play memorable characters.

The Romantics

It's an all-star cast crammed into a movie that should've never made it off of the pages of the book and onto the silver screen.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Very well acted. Very well put together.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

I was not at all interested in this film and saw it only by chance; however It was not as bad as I was anticipating though. It's obviously that silly slapstick style of comedy, but I found myself intrigued enough to want to see how the ending pans out.

I Love You Phillip Morris

This film is more typical of Jim Carrey's new career, favoring the dramatic over the silly. The film was interesting, however it is about a romance between two men, so if that bugs you then don't bother watching.

Love and Other Drugs

Definately a "chick flick." But Hathaway is sexy and heartfelt, Gyllenhaal is interesting and believable. Overall a very memorable, well acted film.


If you are looking for a great Sci-Fi film then keep looking. Monsters main problem is that it targeted the wrong demographic. The premise of the film serves as the excuse for two people to spend time with each other who ordinarily would not (a la Six Days, Seven Nights.) So the movie would be better framed as a romantic film. The film does have this eerie undertone though as they run from imminent danger and the entire film seems raw, without the Hollywood polish. It wasn't bad, but not what I was expecting.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

Neither good nor bad. This is the Charlie Brown of movies, its so wishy-washy. Channing Tatum had an interesting character, but the rest of the film was not really memorable, in fact after Im done writing this review Ill forget all about this film; I hope I don't re-watch it by mistake!

From Prada to Nada

I was expecting this film to be funny with a little bit of drama; it was actually drama with a little bit of comedy. It was not as silly as advertised. However it does dive into Mexican culture, but adds some predictable romantic twists.
It was well acted with Wilmer Valderrama fitting nicely into this film. Overall it was not what I expected, but a solid film. If you love Mexican culture then this is a must-see.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

This is one of those films that was dismissed before it was even given a chance. I understand the sentiment; comic book style films are usually not worth the time to watch, especially one with such a derivative name. However The Punisher is actually a very passionate, powerful film.
Two actors in particular really impressed me: Ben Foster and Will Patton. Pay attention to Patton's interrogation scene with Foster as well as Travolta's confrontation with his right hand man (Patton's character.) Both are quite provocative.
The film itself is violent at times, but the periods of calm are actually quite engaging. The side characters are memorable. This is definately a worthwhile film thats worth a shot.

The Killer Inside Me

Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba star. And all three do a wonderful job along with Elias Koteas as well.
Perhaps Jessica Alba's choice of films (The Love Guru, Meet Bill) should be more in question than her acting. With the solid remake of horror film The Eye, the very funny Good Luck Chuck and now as solid supporting actress role in The Killer Inside Me her performances seem as sharp as ever. Im not sure where the sense is in her criticism; perhaps it is because of the pretty face...


This film features Stephen Moyer (Bill of True Blood fame.) I walked into this movie not knowing what it was about. I assumed it was a horror/scary movie; however it leans more towards an action film. I thought it was a solid film and not worthy of some of the negative feedback. It was definately better than expected. It held my interest, but I tend to favor action flicks. So if you are not a big fan of action films you may want to pass on this one.


The best aspects of this film are not in the fight sequences. Portman and Dennings provide for a very entertaining cast that has the audience believing their parts and laughing through the movie. And seeing the diachotomy between Thor and his family is interesting as well as the progression of Loki and Thor into their hero/villian roles. Like most Marvel films you need to stay until after the end credits. There is always a lead into the next film, which includes an Avengers film and perhaps a sequel or two.


Damon plays a very sympathetic character. The dichotomy between George and some of the other characters are very real-world, very believable. It's a slow paced film with great character development and some intertwine a la Crash. Bryce Dallas Howard did a great job as a supporting character. Eastwood is quickly becoming a favorite directer of mine.

Battle: Los Angeles

I enjoyed the film, but can't really pin it as memorable. This film is less like Independence Day and more like Black Hawk Down. Its essentially a Sci-Fi War movie. And like many feature film battle lines, the bad guys have better weapons but its okay because we have Michelle Rodriguez.

Super Mario Bros.

There are some charming aspects to the film; but the target audience is in dire question.
It strays too far from the original game to be embraced by the nostalgia of the grown-up gaming community.
The premise is silly enough to be tailored to children, but thats not at all what was done.
It may be worthwhile just seeing the amazing cast (Samantha Mathis, Dennis Hopper, Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo) perform in their all-time career lows.

Creepshow 2
Creepshow 2(1987)

The segment with the lake partying teens is a favorite of mine. I watched it as a child and it left an impression. As an adult Ive re-watched it and found it wonderfully campy.


This has my vote as 'the Worst Movie Ever Made.' It takes a lot of effort to put something this crappy together.


Here's 3 reasons why this movie will get crushed by people before they've seen it!
1- Intentional silly films often get panned by critics. After all, its more fun making fun of a bad movie than giving credit to good ones.
2- Remakes often get panned by critics too.
3- And sometimes people look to dismantle celebrities that have an extended stay in the media, like Brand has during the entire Katy Perry wedding ordeal.

Here's 3 reasons why this could be a solid film:

1- Silly movies translate into fun movies. Go see this with a group.
2- Russell Brand is a loveable protagonist, Jennifer Garner as a crazy woman may be worth seeing, Helen Mirren can anchor the cast and Luis Guzman is goofy side character.
3- Over time bad movies can turn into good ones. Because its not the critics that decide what movie is good. It's the people. Films that are considered good are ones that withstand the test of time.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

There are several fundamental problems with this film. It would have benefited by another editing revision; the pace is ultra-slow and the film itself is very long. Crowe is a good actor, but I feel as if Ive seen him in this role one too many times. Durand is an an exceptional upcoming actor, but he was utilized way to little for the amount of talent that he has.
Positively, the movie pace picked up as it progressed and the plot was interesting.

3000 Miles to Graceland

This movie is among the most overlooked films of all time. Great cast and a genuinely fun film to watch. It reminds me of Raising Arizona in that there are a lot of active characters with no easily predicted ending.

The Green Hornet

There are several distinguishing parts to this film. 1. The beginning of the film is quick to get into the the thick of the struggle. 2. Much of the comedic material consists of gay jokes. 3. The villian is both interesting and original. I expected an average film, but got something better than that.

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

If you dislike the series this film will not change your mind; however its an interesting continuation of the series and like every other FF film you should bw watching the screen following the credits.

Open Your Eyes (Abre los Ojos)

This is definately a film one should watch with the American version. Seeing Cruz act in the same script as a different character is very rare. Being able to view the same scenes done with different cinematography is also interesting. The movie is strange and sorrowful in any language.

Red Riding Hood

This was a bad film, I know. But I liked it! The reality is that sometimes I like bad films. What can I say? Thats why I'm doing reviews on Flixster and not for a money. It was a fun film, the characters were interesting and Amanda Seyfried is hot hot hot!

The Brave One

A somber, slow-paced, ominous-scored film that needs to be viewed without distraction. The simple premise is less significant when confronted with the subtle psychology of many of the sequences.

I Am Number Four

Four thoughts on I Am Number Four
1. The music. I loved the music in the film; however there were a few scenes where the ominous music in the background was way too disruptive, it actually pulled me from being engulfed in the film.
2. The sequel. Unfortunately I never got the feel that the film was going to completely wrap-up in less than two hours, a sort of predictable 'to-be-continued-in-the-next-2-or-3-or-5-movies-so-please-fork-over-more-cash-if-you-want-to-know-how-this-story-ends' kind of deal.
3. The plot. Films like Jet Li's The One and Christensen's Jumper have a similiar premise but don't detail a created world quite like I Am Number Four. But it is a little rushed. Unlike DJ Caruso's other film, Disturbia, the female lead falls for the protagonist way too quickly to seem plausable.
4. The acting. Kevin Durand continues to show versitility as an actor and gets too little credit.

The trailers always make the film out to be amazing. All that being said, it was an entertaining film with room for countless sequels.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

I loved the original and was disappointed with the sequel. So when Tokyo Drift came out I avoided it like the plague, instead hoping for the true sequel to the original film.
When I got my wish I decided to see Tokyo Drift and was surprised that it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Now Fast Five is out with the 6th (!) installment on the way.
Now all we need is a name for the 6th film...Fastest and Furiousest?

Welcome to the Rileys

I watched this film with my sister. There is a specific scene in which Melissa Leo's character is asleep in the garage. She gets woken up by a thoughful, yet concerned neighbor. I remember telling my sister that the neighbor is someone I could definately envision living down the street from anyone. That neighbor was only in one quick scene, but it serves as a good example to what this film does well. This whole film is plausable, well thought out and well acted.
Mallory played by Kristen Stewart does this throughout the film. The characters are very real-world and even in the closing minutes of the movie, the viewer is left wondering what will happen to them.


Docu-drama style film that seemed to drag on with a several interesting parts. Ending was predictable. Raises some interesting thoughts about trust and networking.


Considering the setting of the film, they did a considerable job creating incidents; however the storyline didn't seem plausable.
1-Nobody would have taken that long to discover there were extra tools with him the entire time or that there were holes in the coffin.
2-He found a knife but never attempted to cut throught the wood or pry the nails out?
3-"MAKE VIDEO!" "MAKE VIDEO!" He complied with terrorist demands? Why? Did he think they were going to dig him up to punish him? His family wasn't in danger, have local police come get them.
4-His lifeline on the phone wouldn't have argued ideological differences with him.

The main character spent very little time actually trying to get out of the coffin; instead resorting to countless, frequently pointless phone calls. He seemed inept, which is fine for other characters, but when your life is on the line it makes the main protagonist unlikeable.

The most fun I had watching this film came from making fun of how bad it was.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

I was pleasantly surprized by this film. I was expecting ordinary, but it goes deeper than the run-of-the-mill teenage comedy. Olive (Emma Stone) is easy to identify with; her character is well rounded. Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci give memorable performances as her parents and Thomas Haden Church continues to impress! Easy-A is a solid B+.


Casting couldn't have made a better choice of Shaggy than Matthew Lillard.


When a conversation about the best animated films starts, this is frequently one of the films overlooked. It won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for best animated film in 2008. If you haven't seen it yet, get to it.


Better than I expected. Two very sappy Disney scenes, but I realize the film wasn't geared for my demo. Overall a very fun, funny film.

Monsters, Inc.

I loved this film. I especially loved the characters wildly scrambling through various doors during the end sequence.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Lisbeth Salander is a likeable sociopath. The film is well directed. Give yourself time to watch the film uninterrupted, as it is both intense and long.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

This movie is a great example of Raimi's style. Sure it's more silly than scary, but definately intended to be. The protagonist slow rise after a clumsy fall leading to his furnature laughing at him was both a memorable and a favorite scene of mine.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Game movies tend to fall flat. This one in particular was interesting if you are at least moderately familiar with the characters; some people don't care for Japanese anime, in which case this film won't change their minds. But I felt the the Vega/Chun-Li scene and the Ryu/Ken flashback sequences were the most dynamic and entertaining portions of the film.

Hollow Man
Hollow Man(2000)

Kevin Bacon starred with Kevin Costner in JFK (1991)...who was one of the star cast members in 3000 Miles to Graceland with Courtney Cox...who used to attend summer camp as a child with Chip Brown...who used to work with me at my last job. There I did it in 4!!! Lmao!
Oh yeah... the movie was okay....

The Last Airbender

It stayed true to the origins of the series; Fans of the series will love it, but everyone else will say its average. Don't make the mistake of judging it as an original film. Instead watch a few eps of the kids series and then compare. Shyamalan did a great job and there will be at least one more sequel.

Despicable Me

Excellent movie. So far its the leader of the pack for best 2010 film. Like many contemporary films that are geared for children, filmmakers are aware that the parents too have to endure the film. So the film is lined with latent content that can be amusing to adults. Its completely kid friendly and had me laughing too.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

No one likes this film, but me... :-[ It makes me second guess whether or not its a good movie... Nope. Ur all wrong!! The movie wouldn't work w/out Murray. Its his type of humor. Its a weird, ackward type of funny. U laff at the strange silences and appreciate the social mis-steps. Id really like to meet sum1 else who "gets it." Mayb its just me... I just find socializing a parody of itself. I can't be myself cuz someone decides what Im doing is strange.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I liked the TV series more than the original film. Those words just feel weird coming out of my mouth... (cuz usually its the other way around)

Meet the Spartans

This is one of the worst films Ive ever seen...


If I were in this film they'd call me "Tucson" lol..! The characters were interesting. The Bill Murray cameo was delightfully strange.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I really just like the IDEA of the film.
This movie is a lot like popcorn: It was fun at first, but after a while I just got sick of it. (RIP Mitch Hedberg)

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

It was aimed to be a comedy; but its actually 90min of people yelling.

This form of comedy was not known to me, so I decided to try out my newly learned comedy lesson on the movie theater people.

They didn't find it funny either.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Will> HEY, HAAAY!!
Fred> Oh hey Will! How are ya?
Will> What the hell you doin out here Fred!?
Fred> Oh...well...I was just going out to get you some more bacon, man.
Will> What the... what! No!! NO!
Fred> Im sorry? What's wrong Will?
-turns to get gun-
Will> NO!
Fred> Woa, man! PUT THE GUN DOWN.
Will> What the hell are you doing out here Fred?!!!???
Fred> I told you, I know how you are about your bacon. I thought it'd be a nice surprise.
Will> How did you get out here?????
Fred> You're acting kinda crazy right now.
Will> Fred!!? If your real you better tell me right now!!!
Fred> Why dont you just put the gun down & we'll talk about it...
Fred> Im real Will! just calm...
-fires gun-
Will> ...dammit, Fred..
Will> DAMMIT!!

Kindergarten Cop

This is the best Schwarzenegger (checks spelling) film ever made!! Pretty pathetic... :-/

The Flintstones

They did a great job re-creating the cartoon, but if I feel like I wana watch the Flintstones, Ill just space out for an hour before I take my morning vitamin...