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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back(2013)

I tried to give this a chance but from scene one it made me cringe and only got worse as the movie went on. it was torture to watch. I really don't see how anyone can like it. The biggest factor of a bad movie almost always goes back to the script. Although the script here did have its problems (it tried way too hard to be that character driven indy film and mostly failed), the thing that made this film torture-some to watch was the directing, or lack of. The film was filled with great actors giving cringworthy performances. They seemed to have no chemistry what so ever with each other and every character came across as laughably one dimensional. It felt like each scene was a first run through with no prior rehearsals, the actors just showed up and read their lines, all interpreting things in very different ways. Scenes that should have been dramatic ended up unbelievable and flat. It all felt just so forced and fake. I wanted to punch every character in the face. I can tell there is a good movie somewhere in Faxon and Rash's script, and they were the pens behind the descendants, which was pretty good for the most part; but it was obvious they are amateur directors with no idea how to make a movie. I've seen film school freshmen direct actors better than this.