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I find it hard to believe the Tomatometer here. Y'all must be crazy! This film is the most important piece of fiction to watch that will open your mind about the reality in which we're living today. The story is told beautifully! It has none of the boring linear structure that you find in movies. This is a movie to watch if you're fucking bored with the same plot in every movie and it will open your mind about the reality in which we live in. Seriously underrated masterpiece.

Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare)

The juxtaposition between the normalcy of everyday life of the islanders and the constant struggle to get ashore in one piece of the refugees is just like jazz. You'll be stunned, knowing that miles away this story is happening as you're seeing the movie. If this doesn't convince you that this is the time to act as global citizens and help our kindred, I don't know what else will!

Simply Irresistible

It could have actually worked as a musical, Fred Astaire type musical. It was actually quite a cute idea. The writing wasn't that bad, but the editing was so awful, slow paced, and such bad music! Shame! Could have been good.

Today's Special

Delightful coming of age family film and very close to home to all of us who experience far to often that age gap with our parents.


Well screw everyone who ever had a problem with this movie. I laughed throughout the whole thing! It was really fantastic. I don't even have a review, I'm just here to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, the writing, everyone's performances, every single bit in it. Even minor characters and actors gave their 100%. Bravo to everyone involved!

The Hateful Eight

Well cut my legs and call me shorty, this movie was Tarantino at his peak. It was Tarantinogasmic! Extremely funny, grotesque, brilliant, smart. It was everything you'd hope it would be!

Reality Bites

20 years later, still the same stories. People in their 20s trying to figure things without role models, after the generation before us sold us for a pair of sneakers (Apple products maybe today?) My favorite 90s IT girl Winona movie, and one of my favorite Ethan Hawk films. This films is so vulnerable and ageless. And one of the best phrases you'll ever here is quoted in this film "All you have to do by the time you're 23, is yourself"

Into the White

Only 50%? Rotten tomatoes guys wouldn't know a good movie if it sat in their nose. This was a brilliant film. It reminded me somehow of the book Nothing new in the western front by Erich Maria Remark, but it was much better than that. Actually as a story it is very close to the Patriot with Heath Ledger. The idea that we fight wars for stupid reasons, or for propagandistic nationalism, while none of us are profiting, but our mutual countries. The burning of Hitler's book, or when Davenport told Smith, that it was true that one reason they were there was because of the raw materials, it just summed up the whole idea of how we are raised as cattle to fight wars for our leaders, instead of going home and being happy. The comradary that is born in the film is really blissful, it is something our youth today knows nothing about, but most probably there are Americans and Afghanis who would have found at one point themselves in the same situation. At least I hope so. There are a lot of soldiers who come back from the war and finally understand how useless it all is. It was really subtle, and economic with words and scenes. The story developed smoothly. The acting was real and touching. I recommend you see this film if you do understand what I mean with war and propaganda. I recommend you see this film because it will be very enlightening if you don't understand what I mean by that.

The Invention of Lying

funny, and very sweet, a movie about lying, that is the most honest thing i've seen for a long time

Bedtime Stories

I'm giving it a five-star as the best adam sandler movie ever,

so it's a fairy tale movie, but isn't it nice to have a feel good movie after all when the kids are so cute and the pet has unbelievably cute anime eyes, where the hero saves the day and gets the girl...
kids nowadays need to start believing again in fairytales in the cold world of grow up too soon, and so do we, that's what the fairy land of cinema is for...
note to Russell Brand lovers, he may not be the hottest he's ever been in this movie, but he's sure hilarious, and Keri Russell is unbelievably adorable, Courtney (how can she stay so young?) Guy Pearce, he should do more comedy really, he's awesome...

The Ramen Girl

If you feel lost from time to time, if you don't remember your goals in life, and have quited almost everything you've started, or if you feel like you have no tamashi - spirit anymore, or if you at least have had such moments, or if you sympathize with the pain of feeling lost, being alone, not understanding anything, this movie is for you. It's about fiinding your home and place, and peace, and spirit in a perfect bowl of ramen, in a small typical neighborhood in Tokyo, where not understanding the language is not the real issue, and where two people speaking different languages come to an understanding

SuwÓto rein: Shinigami no seido (Accuracy of Death)(Sweet Rain)

I found that the film was more about life than death. A shinigami is taught the importance of life from the viewpoint of humans. He discovers grief (of the mother of the child), sympathy, music, love, and in the end he takes a break from a lifetime of work and rain, and sees his first blue sky.