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Boy on a Dolphin

Boy on a Dolphin(1957)

Sophia's first American film grabbed the international audience's attention and they never let go. She's a delight to watch as fiery Greek sponge diver Phaedra who discovers a sunken treasure, a sculpture from which the film gets its name (I had long wondered what the title meant). She needs help with salvaging and is torn between the services of two candidates. Clifton Webb can offer her a fortune but intends to sell the national prize illegally on the black market, whereas archaeologist Alan Ladd can only offer her a pittance reward but she will bring glory and pride to her country. Webb plays the suave and slightly condescending genteel criminal perfectly, but Ladd is barely adequate and well past his prime. Only in the movies would someone sculpted like Sophia Loren turn her head - or in this case, look down - to notice him as a romantic interest.

And if you're ever vacationing on the island of Hydra and run into trouble, just ask for Niko - that kid can do anything!