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4 years ago via Flixster
Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde(2003)

I guess you could label this as 'experimental' erotica (pun moderately intended) from Seduction Cinema. A big step away from their usual campy approach to the lesbian lovefest, director Tony Marsiglia takes a stab at avant-garde by thinking he's David Lynch. Deliberate movements, terse dialogue, fragmented flashbacks, sexual tension, and top-down lighting are all in place, overfilled with a demented soundtrack and some disturbing foley work. Another distraction is that ALL the dialogue was overdubbed later by the actors. The girls look great though and dutifully try to sell the style, but the whole thing is far too ploddy without enough plotty to hold interest. Worth a peek to assess its bizarre nature, but this one belongs back in the lab for further testing.