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Doctor's Review of Fortune Tellers and Misfortune (Voyance et Manigance)

4 years ago via Flixster
Fortune Tellers and Misfortune (Voyance et Manigance)

Fortune Tellers and Misfortune (Voyance et Ma...(2001)

Saw this in French without subtitles so I probably understood about a third of the actual dialogue (they speak so damn fast!) but that disadvantage didn't prevent me from enjoying this fortunetelling semi-bedroom farce. The divine Emmanuelle Béart is a lot of fun as the highly-strung Chantal, which makes me wish she had taken more comedic roles over the years. Her husband has been laid off, and upon her friend's advice goes to see her psychic Alban, played with flair by Dieudonné, an engaging actor new to me. His "bad spirit extraction" ceremony on Chantal is a particular howler. For you see, he knows he's a fraud and sees in Chantal an opening to use her gullibility, due to some coincidences that convince her he has special powers, for his personal gain. What he doesn't know is that his actor friend he is grooming to become his partner has begun an affair with Chantal, and who in turn doesn't realize she is Alban's client. Witches, tarot cards, ancient rituals, midday liaisons, and covert pubic hair collection all play a part in this sprightly story. I believe there's even a joke where Chantal's friend looking at an entertainment magazine wonders aloud to her why a celebrity would get collagen injections, a procedure which Béart herself had done 10 years earlier and has publicly regretted. Even so, she remains one of filmdom's greatest beauties yet is unafraid to be seen in curlers or having her armpits waxed in order to draw a chuckle - that's the kind of good-sport trooper she is.