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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
8 years ago via Flixster

I'll just point a couple of "facts"... i think.

First of all, on the downside we get the fighting scenes and the transformations. We get some "shakey" frames that probably want to give us the sensation of action. Well, they don't, they just left me with one question. "Why so blurry?" Not only that "it's hard" to realise who's the good guy and who's the bad guy (and with this, i exagerate a little), but i also hard for the eyes, or maybe just for mine.

The second "minus" i believe it's the "slow-motion". Hey, it's ok, i don't mind it, sometimes, it's perfect for the scene, but used in excess it gets dull, and for me, it got really old, really fast.

I'm gonna try to keep it spoiler free, so i'm not going to say much about the story (not that we care, i mean it's a "popcorn movie", a "blockbuster", an "action-movie" we don't care too much about the story, i'm just going to mention that are some "hilarious" parts, that are perfectly blended into the storyline, and some romantic moments that aren't so much. Furter more, we have our characters. Some good, some bad, some used just for comical release. I don't have anything against mr. Bay, i understand that he needs to put the us of a on a pedestal, but come on, all the bad guys are non-us brands and all the "good guys" are us-brands. I mean, ok, it's a "lol" thing but stil... I also understand the fact that his movies look "real" because he and the us army are in good relationship, which means the army has to look good in the movies, but from here to, "the army's god send" and "birocrats will kill the world" it's a , big big step. Hey, i understand, i shouldn't be getting things like this into consideration. I mean, come on, it's not a movie that's based it's story, but still... like still, the "ice cream" truck, well that owned, and then it didn't so much. It just became, dull, not interestaing at all.

In the en di can only say that it's worth seeing, knowing you what you're getting yourself into. Yup, the first one left me "hyped" and this one left me "meh", but still, it's a movie worth watching. Maybe if they put more attention on the details, it would've been great. Well, being "ok" it's still something in this day and age.

The Hangover
The Hangover (2009)
8 years ago via Flixster

Chilidish, stupid, brilliant, worth seeying?

This is a Todd Phillips movie. This is a guy movie. This two things must be known before going to see it. Why? Because this will either make you want to go and see the movie or make you stay home and not end up, on the internet, bad mouthing the movie because it's just not "your cup of tea". Knowing this, i might add, that being a "guy movie" means it's kinda stupid to drag your girlfriend after you. There's no point in seeing this movie if you don't have some friends who you can share it with.

Moving on, this is not your average comedy, not because it has some kind of special setting, it's set in Vegas, and we all know how many movies about Vegas we've seen. It's not about the plot, "guys going to Vegas, to do whatever you do in Vegas", but because of the way the characters are introduced and acted, by the way the story unfolds, and by the way "our heroes" interact with other people in this film. If you don't want to acknowledge the fact that the things in this movie can really happen, then you shouldn't go and see the movie, because you'll end up bitching about how exagerated or unreal it is.

This movie is pure fun, and it's worth seeing, for those who appreaciate this type of humor. For all the others, what can i say. We salute you.

Drag Me to Hell
8 years ago via Flixster

This was a classic piece of cinema, and when i say classic, i do mean, horror classic, and i do use the terms loosely.

This was brilliant. Not those neutered horror movies that we see off late. This is one of those movies, that respects every little step from the "classic" horror movie book, and does it with style.

The only film in 24 months, that actually scared me, because it got me by surprise in two or three scenes. Usually, the scary parts are predictable, and don't have an effect on me, but this one, had some parts that actually made me throb in my seats. I'm not saying that all those horror movies aren't fun to watch, i'm just saying this one's in a league of it's own.

Moving on, the gore and the story only made the movie funnier. There are some "extreme" scenes that some will find disquisting and repulsive, scenes that'll make them want to walk out (i'vee been there, i've heard the talk, three persons in the row before me wanted to leave 3 or 4 times) but then, for some these scenes will only make the movie worth seeying, and will make you laugh your ass out.

Yup, the movie is that good, so good, that almost made forget Raimi for that bore-fest that Spider-Man 3 was.

Howard the Duck
8 years ago via Flixster

One of those early "Marvel Movies" that let you with a WTF Feeling to it! I for one had a, "When will it end?" feeling the whole movie. When it finally ended, i was relieved, one of those movies, that are almost that bad that they're good, but not quite there.

Terminator Salvation
8 years ago via Flixster

I'm not going to go into tehnical details or say anything about the homage some scenes bring to the original movies, neither i'm gonna say anything about the rating.

I'm just going to say that i left the movie with a "Oh, it's over. Yeah? Whatever!" feeling, which i believe says it all. In the end, i'm not even a Terminator fan.