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Skyfall (2012)
5 years ago via Flixster

a good one, a bond movie from a different side.
only thing i didnt like was the length of the movie, could have cut 20-30 min out of it.
but anyways, the lime light of the movie for me was Javier Bardem, he was just awesome.
all in all a good one.

Looper (2012)
5 years ago via Flixster

amazing movie, i love this new joey, bruce was always awesome,
First of all i wana start with this very unique story of this movie.
never heard of something like that before nice concept.
now the part 2, how u implement the story. i will say they did pretty good though ending can be twisted but still they make it simple and sad.
characters : u dont need to say anything for bruce willis as he is GOD OF ACTION, in this age he still kicking ass.
Joseph gordon levitt or joey, this new kid impress me with each movie.
both were great. now the big question i wana ask to every one . Where i can found the jacket he is wearing in the movie????????
a good movie and u should go watch.

The Dark Knight Rises
5 years ago via Flixster

Another masterpiece from christopher Nolan!!!!
An Epic end of the by far the best trilogy ever.
The dark knight was about Joker and Rises is about every one.
ok thats it with one liner now review time :
Nolan have raised the bar from dark knight, and take this to a new level.
very well scripted, and an excellent work by nolan to present it in a way that even a 2Hr 45 min movie ends with a blink of eyes.
Full credited goes to Nolan for this movie, he is an one of kind of his class of directors( 5 of the top 10 movie in my list are from nolan).
ok now about performers,
Ben : Nolan have his another master piece to compare with, same case with Ben, who have Joker(One of the best character ever written) but he still able to manage his identity in batman series. He dominate the batman for most of the part of the movie.
newly added character like anne hathaway as selina or cat woman u say, joseph gordon levitt as officer Black played there part beautifully. Both of the character were well written and were in their limit. anne and joe did a wonderful job and justify there character.
Now let talk about batman it self.
Unlike in the previous edition where he was eaten alive by the great joker, Nolan gave him more limelight or u can say 'hero' like part which he deserved.
This movie is define Batman in true manner, Christian bale again plays batman pretty good.
All in all this is movie is not about one man or one character, this is full with power full character played by excellent actors and coordinate by a brilliant mind.
one advise dont compare this one with previous edition, this movie itself a epic one.
so all my frnd and die hard batman lover i would say only one thing to u "u will make a crime if u didnt see this movie'

Fantastic Four
5 years ago via Flixster

yeah its fantastic