PatrykCzekaj's Rating of Primer

Patryk's Review of Primer

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Calling Primer a mind-boggling sci-fi flick is an understatement. Anyone, who might claim that he understood this film after the first time is probably a liar. Primer gives one of the most thought-provoking time travel idea ever, and doesn't stop to astound with its scientifically-valuable dialogue-driven narrative, where the two main characters suddenly realize that being invincible means playing God. Primer exhibits its ideas carefully, and builds up an intriguing suspense-like vibe around a many theoretical assumptions, which won't mean much to an ordinary human mind. In order to grasp the film as a whole, one needs to re-watch this film time and again. Primes is a confusing, enigmatic, low-budget presentation of Shane Carruth's bizarrely imaginative mind. If you're looking for a challenging, smart and valuable cinematic experience Primer won't let you down definitely. Just don't expect many answers.