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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Conjuring

The Conjuring(2013)

A creepy, fun-time at the movies. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play 70's paranormal investigators who end up way over their heads when a Rhode Island family is terrorized.
This works on so many different levels - horror and violence for sure, but chills with laughter (perhaps nervous laughter) and it is so well acted. A great cast including Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston. Things start out simply enough when a family of 7 get a bargain on their dream house, but when the family dog refuses to enter, that's the first warning. The film provides equal balance not only to their horrors, but the investigators too. He has a room full of artifacts from successful hauntings including one of the creepiest demonic dolls ever shown on film. When the revelations come regarding the houses' history, things quicky turn evil and bloody. We don't get this caliber of acting or directing in shock horror films - James Wan did the first (and best) Saw film as well as the clever Insidious. I love a strong, ghost story - I am thankful I do not have a cellar and hope I do not somehow wake up at 3:07AM. Great fun and thrills!