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Masterminds (2016)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Masterminds sat on the shelf for over a year waiting for a release date. While it's a forgettable, unoriginal, basic film based extremely loosely on the true story, it's entertaining and fun. Both the positive and negative you'll read about Masterminds will be accurate.

Galifianakis is surrounded by a funny cast, so he can't get in his own way, as he does so frequently in this type of movie. Director Hess steps out of his normal style and does OK, but nothing in this movie stands out. Ultimately it's the cast that makes Mastermind as enjoyable as it is.

There's no reason to spend money watching Masterminds, but would be a good pick for free on a pay channel.

The Girl on the Train
17 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm going to barely give The Girl on the Train a pass for two reasons. First, it reminded me of a movie called Shutter Island. The movie is slower and may seem boring for the most part, but you can't get that ending without everything being in place the way it was. Then you've got to take into consideration Emily Blunt's performance. I wouldn't call it a waste of a performance because her acting helped make the end of the movie what it was. What a performance though.

The other actors were good, but Blunt stood out. Things were put in place for distraction and the movie took a number of turns, but everything came together at the end. The pace will be the weak part for this movie though.

It's with the pace of The Girl on the Train that I would say this should be watched in theaters. You'll be fidgeting, but you'll be watching the movie. Sitting at home it's too easy to jump on the Facebook or become otherwise distracted and you'll miss a number of things.

Morgan (2016)
50 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With all its faults, and there are plenty, I thought Morgan was OK. There is no depth, the ending is given away just a few minutes into the movie, they never instill any doubt that the ending will be anything else, and there is no character development.

In other AI movies there is something under the top layer. Even the decent ones have layers that peel themselves back and reveal deeper meaning. Morgan is superficial and won't have you thinking about possibilities or the future. It'll just end.

I was still somewhat entertained watching Morgan progress, and with a bit more development and thought, could have been a very good movie. Anya Taylor-Joy is climbing the Hollywood food chain pretty quickly. Between her efforts in The Witch and now Morgan, I'd say she's going to keep moving up. I'm also a big Kate Mara fan. She and the supporting actors made up a well cast group of actors who could have stood out so much if they had more to work with. Even though they aren't major players, their talents were wasted on this undeveloped story.

Morgan is worth seeing on a movie channel down the road. Don't expect much, but if you like a minimally thrilling thriller, this is a good choice.

Mechanic: Resurrection
50 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Mechanic: Resurrection is gloriously stupid. It's one of the worst action movies I've seen in... well, I don't know how long. Without a single intentional joke, Resurrection is the funniest film in theaters right now. From the writing (God knows how many writers, which is what will get you in this position) to the acting, the cinematography, to the entire idea of the second and final installment of Mechanic: Resurrection, this thing is horrible. I've only given it a solid star because of how much it made me laugh. This is worse than any of the lame 80's action movies they used to make, including the straight-to-DVD ones.

Besides: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ON THIS MISERABLE PIECE OF $H!+, there is nothing more to add. There will never be a time I would recommend you watch Mechanic: Resurrection.