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Captain Phillips
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Director PAUL GREENGRASS knows how to make a tense film based on real life events! The film is way long, but it has a lot of tense moments along the way in the places you'd expect tense moments and the as you can expect third act is full of tense moments. TOM HANKS gives his usual stoic performance, but in his last scenes in the film he's really great!

Riddick (2013)
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

The film definitely had its cool Rated R action, but a lot of the plot seem wholly derivative of the 'Pitch Black'.

Murder on the Orient Express
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Acting ON POINT. Directing ON POINT. The script is kinda labyrinthine, but the aforementioned on point aspects makes me want to watch it again.

Now You See Me
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

A really cool popcorn movie. The direction was really well done and as you can expect fora movie about "magicians" was done with style and panache. The cast did great jobs too. Some of the stuff is unbelievable as the twists have turns and the turns have twists, but it's all fun and executed well.