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7 years ago via Flixster
The Brave One

The Brave One(2007)

Part of our movie weekend included The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Ugh. It was interesting. I truly didn't care for any character in the film. I always wondered why they didn't dig more into why the 2 main people in the movie were so drawn to each other, other than the loss of their loved ones (from 2 different reasons). We didn't get much back story to either of their lives, so it was hard to see why they would be so drawn to each other.
The whole entire thing lost me. I got it, but I didn't. Jodie Foster is a remarkable actress, and I will watch anything that has her in it, but this one just was not that good. I think I will actually blame it on the screenplay though. The actors were good, but the whole entire story wasn't. I get the concept of being a victim and being so afraid that the only thing you feel good about is exacting revenge on those less fortunate than yourself. But can you base a whole movie around it? I truly didn't think so.
And while I did watch the entire thing...I don't think I will be watching it again. Even for one of my favorite actresses of all time.