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Unfortunately the fame of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park did not carry over into their late-1990's feature films. Unfortunate because, frankly, they are even more brilliant than South Park itself, specifically Orgazmo. Created, written, directed, edited by and starring South Park co-creator Trey Parker, the NC-17-rated gem from 1998 can still be found on VHS, as well as DVD if you order it as a black-market import (as I took about a month to get it from Hong Kong). Ebay and other auction sites have the DVD version all the time. If this film escaped you, allow me to guide through a short tour of one of the funniest films ever made.

If you are a South Park fan, the humor won't surprise you at all. However, as much as I love Trey Parker and Matt Stone's humor, I still am dumbfounded at how they come up with some of this stuff. For instance, the entire premise of Orgazmo surrounds a clean-cut Mormon (yes, Mormon) doing mission work (yes, mission work) in Los Angeles as part of his studies at BYU in Salt Lake City. That setup is the first five minutes of the film. You almost have to watch it two or three times to appreciate the sheer nutiness involved in coming up with such a beginning. You can hardly picture the session that took place where discussions like, " there's this guy, right? He is a real religious guy...he's a, a, a...a Mormon! Yeah, that's it...and he is in Los Angeles doing mission work and he gets talked into doing porno." THAT is brilliant!!

That is exactly what happens though. Joe Young, a.k.a. Orgazmo, played by Trey Parker, desperately wants to marry his virginal bride in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, but it costs a lot of money. While defending himself from some thugs who try to pummel him during his mission work, the director of a pornographic movie sees his action skills and talks him into being the star of his action-porno Orgazmo. Wrestling with this moral dilemma, Joe chooses the money because he knows it will go to a good cause, marriage to his love in the Temple.

Throughout the film-making process, you meet all kinds of insane characters including the sidekick Choda Boy, who actually holds two PhD's in Physics and Engineering from M.I.T. Although highly educated, Ben (Choda Boy) does porno due to his high sex drive. However, he utilizes his intelligence by inventing things and selling them on the side. Of course! Duh!! The hilarity that ensues is nonstop. Matt Stone even makes an occasional appearance as a technical assistant on the set of Orgazmo who can't stop saying the most inappropriate and inexplicable things. Toss on top of that the fact that Orgazmo becomes a box office smash and Joe is strong-armed into doing a sequel.

At the heart of Orgazmo is its originality. Granted, the theme is very sexual in nature, but in a very comedic sense. You never see anything hardcore. It is simply discussed, very ridiculously acted out and, at times, just implied. I have no idea why it got an NC-17 rating, which killed it at the REAL box office. However, Orgazmo is such a funny movie. Rarely do geniuses like this get the appreciation they deserve. If you get a chance, buy it, rent it, at least see it.