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This Is the End

This Is the End(2013)

Brilliantly written, this unique comedy blends everything I love about comedies. One, consistent laughs throughout the films, not just a few easy laughs that you see on trailers. Two, extreme vulgarity. Three, seat-squirming moments of things that shouldn't be funny, but are. And Four, dry, improvised dialogue. This movie has it all. The concept is funny enough. Wrapping it into a fictional story pretending to happen to real Hollywood actors was just self-parody perfection not seen since Howard Stern's "Private Parts." From the best opening 15 minutes since "Saving Private Ryan," to the Kevin Smith-like ending, I was in tears the whole time. My only real complaint isn't really a complaint. This is the same humor Kevin Smith, an inspiration to co-star and co-writer, Seth Rogen, has been doing for two decades and not getting enough accolades for, while this movie hits 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm happy because this film deserves it, but so have a lot of others.