JeffNewman's Rating of The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation

Jeff's Review of The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation

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The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animati...(2013)

This was my first year to see the animated shorts, and I hate that I've missed them in the past. I loved all of them, even the "Highly Commended" non-nominees. "Adam and Dog," a story of how dog and man became inseparable from the very beginning, was my favorite. It was stunningly animated in a more artistic manner than simple cartoon-like animation. It was almost a painting that told a dialogue-less story that never missed the words. The pacing, the look on the characters faces said it all. I don't quite understand why "Maggie Simpson: The Longest Daycare" was nominated. It was only 5 minutes long and, while cute, it wasn't nearly the level of talent as the remaining nominees. "Fresh Guacamole" was a short, eye-catching stop-motion photographic marvel, but given that PES has done other items like this, I didn't see why this one was so special as to be nominated. In a tough second was "Head Over Heels," which told the sweet story of a couple growing old and apart in the day-to-day doldrums of life, but unique circumstances bring them back together. And finally, "Paperman," which was shown before some major films in December, is an entertaining matchmaking story of two having met by chance in a city subway station. The bonus was the 28 minute "The Gruffalo Child," beautifully animated and narrated by an all-star case from the children's book.