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Superman Unbound

Superman Unbound(2013)

After the last Superman made-for-DVD movie, "Superman vs. the Elite," I began to see that the Bruce Timm-era of really great DC properties in animation had started to lose their way. I was happy to see that "Unbound" improved upon the last outing, albeit with only slightly better animation. The unfortunate thing, though, is that the story wasn't all that better. To me, the best Superman stories of the past 20 years include Brainiac. And as much as I like Geoff Johns, I didn't care for this Brainiac story as much as I did how they had him in the Superman Animated Series. Humanizing him into the android form reminded me too much of the old comics and Legion of Doom-era Brainiac, and that just wasn't very interesting to me. However, he was a lot more interesting in THIS android form than in those old comics and cartoons. Just not as good as TAS. It was definitely worth seeing if you are a fan of this genre. The voice actors were very good, even if they were very unknown. Andrea Romano continues to prove the she knows how to cast these characters and stay true to fan's views of them.