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Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head(2013)

There isn't too much to talk about with Stallone's latest actioner. It is what it is, but it takes itself too seriously for it to be any more than a kill-some-time rental. Stallone is your typical hard*ss with a heart of gold - not much of a stretch. But instead of owning up to the hamminess of this feature he plays it up too seriously and acts as if it's still the 80's. It doesn't help that Bullet to the Head's director, Walter Hill, enjoyed much of his success thanks to 80's staples 48 Hrs., Red Heat and Brewster's Millions.

Whether this is an homage to 80's camp or not, the action is substandard, the one-liners are bad (even by 80's standards) and I guess they couldn't get John Cho, so they settled for Sung Kang. Kang's not bad guy, but even he seemed out of his element acting alongside Sly. And Jason Momoa, for all of his posturing, doesn't have half the charisma Stallone has. At least Sarah Shahi provided some eye candy, but she wasn't onscreen long enough.

Bullet to the Head will fetch some action fans and Stallone fans, but this is more Cobra than Rambo: First Blood Part II. JV