TeddyVoelkel's Rating of Hitchcock

Teddy's Review of Hitchcock

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


An obvious must see for any Hitchcock fan or really anyone who fancies him or herself a lover of cinema if for no other reason than the simple historical importance of the document. The performances are stellar all the way around, and capped off by Anthony Hopkins' brilliant portrayal of Hitchcock himself. I've read the negative reviews and it seems to me that all the critics who panned it set this film up to give them something that the film simply couldn't end up being: their own silly little idea of a Psycho-esque reality show. If they would shut their stupid faces and just enjoy the film they would realize that there isn't anything wrong with it outside of their own heads, because ultimately none of them is making the same criticisms; they're just flapping their mouths and all the while saying exactly nothing. They're a bunch of morons, and this is a great film.