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The House is Black
4 years ago via Flixster

"On this screen will appear an image of ugliness...a vision of pain no caring human being should ignore.To wipe out this ugliness and to relieve the the motive of this film and the hope of its makers."-Opening voice-over for The House Is Black! From legendary Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad come this haunting,lyrical short documentary about a leprosy colony in Tabriz. In just 22mins. she was able to create one of the most powerful,unforgettable short film ever,probably the best! Farrokhzad is widely regarded as the greatest woman poet in the history of Persian letters ,it's a shame that her life was cut short at the young age of 32,she may have become also one of their greatest film directors.She has inspired such diverse and international directors as Bernardo Bertolucci,Abbas Kiarostami,Chris Marker,etc. The House Is Black is entirely the product of her sole sensibility in a way that few films are:she not only wrote and directed the film but,crucially,edited herself as well.Heartbreaking,very sensitive and beautiful! The DVD also come with two short films by master director Mohsen Makhmalbaf:"The School That Was Blown Away" and "Images From The Qajar Dynasty",and an interview with Forough Farrokhzad's sister Pooran.

Sin City
Sin City (2005)
5 years ago via Flixster

Beyond words,you got to see it,'ll be blown away! Vignettes,both short and long,from Frank Miller's graphic novels about a violent,corrupt city full of hard-boiled characters(and naked women) are brought to life in a computer-enhanced film noir world. Stylish and audacious,...Quentin Tarantino is billed as Special Guest Director.

Slumdog Millionaire
5 years ago via Flixster

Sweet and heartbreaking,the surprise of the year,....! Young man about to win a fortune on India's version of the game show "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" is accused of cheating. Then in flashbacks we learn how his tumultuos,often tortured experiences as an orphan on the streets of Bombay have enabled him to relate to and answer all the questions on the show. Director Danny Boyle immerses us in his character's world and takes us along on this remarkable,often painful,life journey,moving from darkness to light for a truly joyful finale. Winner of 8 Oscars. From the novel by Vikas Swarup "Q&A".

The Ten Commandments
5 years ago via Flixster

Another favorite of my from when I was a kid,still is! Biblical vivid storytelling at its best. Follow Moses' life from birth and abandonment through manhood,slavery,and trials in leading the Jews out of Egypt. Awesome Oscar-Winning special effect. Charlton Heston is perfect in the role of Moses,as well as Yul Brynner in one of his most memorables as Rameses.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)
5 years ago via Flixster

Extraordinary,violent potrait of life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. An arresting,and brutal,mosaic of stories told with tremendous skill and creativity by Fernando Meirelles. One of the best films you'll ever see!