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2001: A Space Odyssey
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Beautiful. This simply is one of the most mesmorizing, visually stunning and gorgeous pieces of cinema my eyes have ever had the pleasure of viewing. It deals with many themes; human evolution, technological evolution and the relationship between the two being at the forefront. However you do not watch this as you would any other film, the plot in this film is not the focus, it is a VISUAL experience and one you must go through!

Herutā sukerutā (Helter Skelter)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Based on a popular manga about the exploitative and terrifying underbelly of the culture of beauty models and teenage icons that grace the magazine covers in Japan. Faultless airbrushed skin, bright colours and striking poses hide a dark strain on those constructed and marketed pieces of flesh, it what the narrative wants to capture, however the film itself has the airbrushed skin, bright colours and striking visuals but it is empty and lifeless in a jumbled narrative that is all over the place.

The director, Mika Ninagawa, herself coming from a background of photography and there are some really great visuals. There are these 5-6 minute collages of image and sound that really work, creative a real visceral feel bursting with energy but once these collages stop and narrative kicks in, there is corny dialogue, bizarre plot inclusions and a hell of a lot of seemingly pointless junk. Sometimes I felt that the only reason why a scene was included was just to provide a striking visual rather than move the plot in any positive direction.

Then there is the ending, the movie builds to this really strong climax, working on its striking visual strength, but it doesn't end there and 3 different endings come after it, all dreadful and cringe-worthy. Just like the rest of the film, impressive visuals eclipsed by terrible storytelling.