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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Video Dead

The Video Dead(1987)

I would like to say that The Video Dead is the zombie equivalent of Killer Klowns but it's not as funny or interesting.

The movie starts fast and doesn't waste too much time. Although some might think it's a bit slow. The theme that plays through the movie sounds like they are trying to not get sued for ripping off the Halloween music.

The lead actor is a whiny little snot that you want to slap the crap out of, and I swear they must have either used painter's tape or a lifetime supply of Blu Tack on the 1950s looking zombie.

There are a lot of good ideas and rules that aren't fleshed out or fully explained. "The Garbageman" for one and the whole concept of why the zombies are coming out of a possessed / cursed TV. In fact, one of the main characters points out how it doesn't make any sense. Also these have to be the most self-conscious, self-deluded (and apparently socially awkward) zombies I have ever seen. They still think they are alive. They hate their reflections because it reminds them that they are dead. and they hate the living because they are a reminder that they are no longer alive because the living show fear...but if you suppress your fear and act all nice to them and invite them in for beanie weenies they will be cool with you and ask you to dance.

I think that the title should have been "The AV Club Of The Dead". At least that would fill in SOME of the blanks without needing to put it into the script.

If you and your friends like to riff on bad movies, then The Video Dead will provide a lot of enjoyment and the film does offer up a small amount of laughs in its own right. It's not hilarious, mind you, but it's definitely worth a watch