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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
House of Fears

House of Fears(2007)

I thought this was going to be a spooky clown film... Nope.
The movie gave it's own best comment: "This is a house of lame".
You can use this.. um... "film"? as a horror movie clichà (C) check list.
This thing was like a made for TV movie commissioned and then rejected by the CW network. It seems to me they over spent on this thing. I've seen films with a lower budget that where ten times better because of the story and plot.
The general idea (freaky statue that actually makes your fears come to life and kill you) was good but could have been done way better. The film sets itself up for potential awesome (band name) but falls short on delivering. The only good I can see come from this film is if someone from Thatguywiththeglasses covers it. If Riftrax does this I would definitely be willing to sit through it again. Honestly I hope the makers of House of Fears either learn from the mistakes made here and go on to make much better films, or find a new line of work. I will give the film one good point: Towards the beginning one of the guys dresses up as a killer and jumps out at the others. One of the other guys punches him. That has to be in more horror films.
In the end it's NOT a horror film and not even a suspense film. It should have been titled "Wasted Potential" that would have been more accurate. This is probably the only "horror" film more boring than The Blair Witch Project