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Charles' Review of Dreamaniac

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This film drags more butt than a thousand dogs with itchy anuses.
The sound mix is horrible as well.

I first thought this was a rip off of A Nightmare on Elm Street mainly because the killer on the cover is coming out of the wall like Freddy did in the first film. Also because of the misleading title. I also thought that the image on the cover was Clint Howard until I saw the bigger image, and I'm not sure why they show the killer being bald, SHE isn't.

They love to show nudity in this film. I personally don't like nudity in films but even I can tell when it's forced.

The ending makes no sense at all. The Killer succubus was an escapee from a mental home, and was told to apologize. (?) Then we learn it was all a script / novel. We see the writer talking to his publisher on the phone about what the title should be. They decide on "Succubus" (which could have be the original title for this movie. It certainly makes more sense than "Dreamaniac") The writer then gets a knock on the door a woman comes through the door cuts his throat.

This film will only serve to confuse you and bore you to death. Don't waste your time.