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Born on the Fourth of July
7 hours ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I am not an Oliver Stone fan. I think he both writes and directs with a crushing lack of subtlety, and the ideas he crams into every fame are overly simple. Blaring mediocrity infuses every frame of his work. That said, there is the odd film of his I like. I like "JFK", and I kind of like this film ... at least I like the middle third of it. The early part of the film, before Cruise goes to Vietnam, sets up his idealized view of America, but then it just keeps hitting that note for an extra half hour. The late part of the film where he becomes an activist is rushed and basically explains nothing. Generally speaking, we mostly learn nothing about Kovic except for things that he does, and much of what he does ends up being on no consequence (his failure to win a wrestling championship; his courting of Kyra Sedgwick). What does work quite well is the middle segment where the newly disabled Kovic comes back from the war and his ideals slowly breakdown when confronted with reality. It's here that we really get a glimpse inside Kovic and where Cruise really shines as an actor.

Going Bananas
Going Bananas (1988)
13 hours ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Dom DeLuise and Cannon-stand-by-kid-of-this-era David Mendenhall go on a trip to Africa. Mendenhall is the son of a US senator ... DeLuise is looking after him on the trip. (First problem with this film ... a senator trusts the welfare of his son to Dom DeLuise) They meet their guide Jimmy Walker, and go gallivanting about the African wilderness until they encounter a friendly monkey played by Deep Roy in the ugliest monkey suit imaginable. It turns out this monkey can talk (no, I have no clue why) and then lots of unfunny crap happens. God damn I hate this film. At first it's just unfunny and more than a little racist, then the monkey enters the picture and it's painfully unfunny, fairly racist and full of annoying monkey shrieks. When I say this movie is racist, I am not applying modern standards to film from the 80's. This film is racist by the standards of the 80's. In fact, it plays exactly like a cheap, unfunny comedy from the 40's. It would have been a bad movie then ... in the late 80's, it's abominable. The saddest thing about this film is that Herbert Lom is in it.

White Line Fever
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Jan Michael-Vincent, fresh out of the air force, takes on a big loan to buy a truck and support himself and his wife Kay Lenz as an independent trucker. He goes to work for family friend Slim Pickens, but discovers that in order to get a job, he has to agree to smuggle contraband. When he refuses, he finds himself beat up and tossed in cow shit by bully Martin Kove. He tries to get work elsewhere, but finds that the word is out about him and he's been blackballed. He takes matters into his own hands heading him on a collision course with L.Q. Jones, the man behind the cartel. Director Jonathan Kaplan made a bunch of grade A exploitation films ("Truck Turner", "Over the Edge"), this one's good, but not among his best. It has a strong opening but really hits a rut in the middle third. A lot of the down time is compensated for by the amazing cast that also includes R.G. Armstrong and Dick Miller.

Harlem Nights
Harlem Nights (1989)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Richard Pryor runs a successful nightclub with his adopted son Eddie Murphy. Gangster Michael Lerner tries to shake them down for protection money with the help of corrupt cop Danny Aiello, but Pryor pulls an elaborate con on him. So the big draw here is that it's Murphy's debut as a writer/director and he co-stars with both Pryor and Redd Foxx. Quite a few things go wrong here. First of all, Murphy goes to quite some length to create a believable period setting, and then most of the actors just act and speak like contemporary folks. It's like a big game of dress-up and it's pretty distracting. The pace is also oddly sluggish and it simply isn't funny. Pryor in particular just seems completely off his game here. (He had just been diagnosed with MS, which he was keeping secret. He subsequently claimed that his preoccupation with his diagnosis threw him off.)