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La La Land
La La Land(2016)

A musical which will become history for the genre. It's a classical setup of artists starting form the bottom and trying to fulfill their dreams in the city of stars and in the land of opportunity. They intensely love each other. Then events and chances tear then apart. Then....a wonderful and unexpected finale. I loved everything in this movie: captivating music, superb performances by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (you will never forget her powerful expressions in a uniquely beautiful face), excellent photography and direction. Dancers are as good as you may expect. I think it will win lots of Academy Awards and it deserves them

The Quatermass Xperiment

Alien invasion / horror story set in England in the 50's. Quatermass is unbelievably rude and doesn't care of human life at all. Special effects are good for the time the movie was made. The message seems to be: scientific progress and exploration, no matter what.


a real story of journalists who honor their profession. Solid direction and good actors. I am always impressed by Michael Keaton and his ability to assume different roles. Still I don't think this movie deserves an Oscar

The Hateful Eight

this is what I expect from Tarantino. Great winter western setting, I could feel the freezing cold.... Characters drop in one after another, interesting, misterious, with hidden secrets... and you never get bored, chapter after chapter. And then you get the typical violence, the blood, the gore...but it's Tarantino. and the surprise flashback and finale. Great story. great actors. I cannot pick the best, they are all good. I was expecting a more merorable music score from Morricone, though. Ready for the ninth Tarantino movie.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

it could have been better. I love Star Wars, but this looks a lot like a remake, and we definitively don't need that (unless you have not seen episode IV - ahah). I compare what was new in the original trilogy and what is new here... well. I have to say I am sure the story will really develop in episodes VIII and IX, but utnil then... Good performance by Harrison Ford, who seems to have resisted better than others the time flow. Daisy Ridley is great, and John Boyega well suited for his role. Adam Driver acts well, but I felt his face just doesn't fit. Watching the movie the second time in IMAX 3D made me enjoy it more. To be continued......

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

violent, distressing, gory, tale of an explorer in the harsh winter of an american wilderness. Based on a true story, although in reality he would have been dead in less than a day. Horrific scenes alternate with rare dreams of love and peace. Touching moments happen. DiCaprio performance is stunning, and he deserves the Oscar. Photography and scenery breathtaking. Music score by Ryuichi Sakamoto perfect. Just once I thought minor editing could improve the rhythm.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

much worse than the first chapter. The fascinating initial setting is gone. This is a quite boring postapocaliptic journey with unlikely landscapes (high mountains have huge city ruins just after the furst climb) and inevitable zombies. Nothing really interesting. I will watch the next installment only if a see ravenous reviews

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

sequel up to the previous chapters. Tom Cruise excellent as always, cast up to his level, Rebecca Ferguson perfect for her role. SFX high quality. It was good for me to see again Morocco where I was forty years ago - fascinating land. I just got a little bit tired at the last chase.....

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

good hard science fiction movie (hard to find in these days of sequels and remakes). In a dark and often claustrophobic setting, completely isolated from the rest of the world, we follow two talented men in what we should consider the turning point of the human/posthuman civilization. An intelligent and updated story of men vs machines. Bioprosthetics, intelligent software, the infinite potentiality of the web, AI and the Turing test are all there. I have found references to many classical scifi elements such as the Robot series by Asimov, the cybernetic futures of Philip K Dick, the HAL9000 rebellion... Minimal special effects, simple bur elegant design, and beautiful androids reminiscent of Hajime Sorayama. The music score is well chosen. Good acting. Hope the director will continue in this direction

The Bélier Family (La famille Bélier)

excellent french comedy about a very unusual family in a rural setting. The only "normal" member 's coming of age is stormy but she keeps her strong bonds with all the others intact. Very well acted, excellent music ( that in this film has a very special meaning) many memorable and moving moments. You are forced to like all the characters! Should not be missed


Intense drama on the stormy relation between a teacher and a student of the best music school in USA. Superb acting by Simmons and Teller. You really get involved in the story, and often you are forced to hate the teacher. Excellent music score and photography. Oscars well deserved.

The Theory of Everything

exceptional story, exceptional movie. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones 's acting is superb. Supporting cast excellent. Music score of high quality. Moving moments keep coming. Deserves the Oscar nominations.

The Imitation Game

excellent movie about a true hero, a genius, an outsider. The life of Turing is truly amazing, and tragic, and he should be remebered as one of the greatest scientists ever. I remember to have read some of his essays back in the sisties without knowing anything of his role in WW2 due to tiopsecret cover. ! Cumberbatch and Knightley give outstanding performances, but the entire cast is very good. I loved the music score. Several moving moments. It deserves its Oscar nominations!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I have to say I prefer science fiction rather than fantasy and I did not read Tolkien's books. Still, I enjoyed the Lord of the Rng trilogy, and I liked this movie very much. The powerful digital special effects, the stunning beauty of New Zealand landscape, the meticulously recreated kingdoms and societies...they were all e feast for my eyes. Add outstanding actors, and this is ENTERTAINMENT! The battle of the five armies is definitively one of the best battles I have ever seen in movies. And you have humor, and tragedy, and love... I even found a citation of Walt Disney's uncle Scrooge when I saw the gold fields inside the mountain... A great experience.


Watcthing Interstellar was a real pleasure for me, science fiction fan since I was a kid, and always looking for genre films that are not only action, fantasy and great special effects. Movies that do not let you regret the masterpieces of science fiction. Movies that are not sequels, two out of three (to be generous) worst the the original. Interstellar is what I expected. And I was immediately caught in the early scenes, when Mackenzie Foy (my favorite in the cast) wields scale models of the Apollo project. I have the same models in my room !!! what emotion ... All the scientific aspects and extrapolative the future are plausible. The film follows the classic structure of science fiction: if today we see trends, what will happen in the future if they continue and increase ? Global warming, desertification, space travel ...... and then black holes, wormholes, relativity, time dilation, multidimensional spaces ... there is everything, in a coherent plot. The details are almost perfect. Two years to get to Saturn: absolutely plausible, seen rarely in a scifi movie. And a feast for the eye: the black hole, perfect; the overwhelming size of interstellar space and interplanetary spaceship that is barely visible. The only mistake I noticed (but it could due to the Italian is the distance of the nearest star of "thousands" of light years .... but no matter. The plot is intelligent and never predictable. The actors give a good performance; for some reason I was especially struck by Mackenzie Foy, but also Michael Caine, Casey Affleck and Matt Damon are great. Matthew McConaughey on the other hand is for me a bit 'too Texan, but I suppose he suited to the part .... Of course I found references to past scifi masterpieces such as 2001 (though insuperable) (aliens send signals to help us, a spacetime door around Saturn - as it was in the original draft of 2001) and many others - to name just one, Demon Seed with Julie Christie has a fractal robot similar to those of this wonderful film.
Sometimes the pace is a bit 'slow, but does not affect the final result.
Finally I want to remember the scene that moved me the most, I think the best representation of the drama that can create a temporal asynchrony when a still young father after his trip into the black hole meets his daughter left innormal spacetime now old and dying. This film deserves to be nominated for an Oscar and is definitely the best scifi movie of 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

good sequel, "amazing" 3D and SFX, good acting (and I particularly like Sally Field) A little too long, some surprises along the story till the end


I did not like the mix of Bible and Fantasy, and the costumes were terrible. I did not like the Ark's design. Visual effects could have been much better


good scifi thriller, with extrapolation on evolution of man and the worldwide web Intelligent plot, satisfying ending without a definitive conclusion. I found only the vulnerability of PINN to virus not believable. Depp performance not great, Rebecca Hall excellent.


The idea is not new; the pace rather slow. But there is a fascinating way of portraying the new society totally immersed in internet, a melancholic mood, and an appropriate music score. I loved the conclusion, truly science fictional and unexpected

August: Osage County

outstanding performances of Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep with a good cast. Great planes wide skies as background for a family story in some aspects reminiscent of a greek tragedy. excellent music.

The Wolf of Wall Street

unbelievable but true story of a New York stockbroker. non stop profanity ("the movie with the highest occurence of f*** word), sex, drugs, violence to the extreme...but apparently it really happened that way. Superb interpretation by the great DiCaprio. Excellent performances by the supporting roles. Great photography . Although I didn't get bored, editing by cutting at least half an hour would have helped DiCaprio deserves an Oscar.


I was surprised by how good this movie is. Contemporary dramas with the common element of strong interaction between real life and internet life. Beautiful finale. Excellent music score. Excellent acting.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

a great movie covering many decades of American history as seen by an extraordinary man as he struggles from a horrifying slavery condition to a respected position near one of the most powerful head of state. Forest Whitaker makes a great performance and his aging is entirely believable. Oprah Winfrey, Rickman, Fonda, Cusack ....all good. Excellent music. It deserves to be high on the next Oscar list

Harlock: Space Pirate

Good animation, good artwork, of course tremendously more advanced than the oroginal series. Cpt Harlock seems on the other hand very detached. Overall a successful remake of a memorable anime a but I was not entirely satisfied..

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

fantastic performance by Cate Blanchett. Dramatic tragic conclusion. Up to my expectations for an Allen movie

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

sequel NOT inferior to the first movie for a change. The story in this innovative dystopian future remains interesting and not predictable. I love Katniss/ Jennifer Lawrence character and I think she is a great actress, Stanley Tucci is superior. Sutherland is great. Good SFX. Hopefully the last part of the trilogy won't be disappointing...

Thor: The Dark World

Hemsworth, Portman and Hopkins are some of my favorite actors. The movie is a lot of fun with a mix of fantasy, science fiction and a touch of mythology great SFX and art. Humor comes at the right moments. probably better than the first Thor's adventure.

Venus in Fur
Venus in Fur(2014)

thetrical movie - two actors, a minimal stage. Seigner and Amalric are excellent, but I was not intrigued by the story. Sadomasochistic relations and sex have never interested me the slightest. I hope Polanski will give us again masterpieces as he did in the past.


extremely accurate space scenes, almost everything could really happen. Tense story, good pace, good acting. I would like to know what astronauts said about this movie

Captain Phillips

great performance by Tom Hanks. Unfortunately as usual I cannot stand the hand-held camera shaking - it makes me sick.. I wish they would stop using this useless technique

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

good movie transposition of a famous multi-awarded scifi novel, p[art of a long saga. The settings and special effects are superb. The young protagonist perfect for his role. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley have good performances. The plot is relatively simple but two twists make it interesting and open ended. Of course the story compared to the book is streamlined, but this is inevitable. Overall I was very satisfied


great movie! fast paced, dramatic story that Niki Lauda appreciated about two exceptional men. Photography is perfect and feels like done in the 70's. Excellent acting. the choice of protagonists: impressive how they look alike the people they portray. Should be awarded with Oscars

The Bling Ring

photography, music score are good. But the story is shallow and after a while boring


pure action, monochromatic, each phrase wants to be memorable....but this is Riddick, and fortunately there is a good dose of humor. Closer to Pitch Black than the sequel. pure entertainment!


good scifi movie - not as good as Disctrict 9, but another allegory of present day's inequalities and refugees struggles. Matt Damon is great. Jodie Foster is stiff, but it's her role. The ending is not entirely predictable. I loved the space colony SFX, although to have an open section over the torus is impossible Excellent music score.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

I loved this popcorn movie!! Sea monsters (with the typical style from Wayne Barlowe - one of my favorite fantasy artists) and giant robots battling in Asian cities - this was my passion as a young teenager!!! great visuals. ridiculous technology. Japan and USA melting together.... really lot sof fun

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

reasonably good Z - movie Brad Pitt is one of my favorite actors, the story is more credible than many other movies on this subject, but less fun... Great scenes on the attack to Jerusalem. The ending is anticlimax but logical.

Star Trek Into Darkness

excellent! the story continues, known heroes and villains are met again. Spectacular SFX, excellent acting, good storyline. Alice Eve is gorgeous but does not have the physique-du-role. Chris Pine is just great. Hope and I am sure more stories will come...

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

very good movie. The well known story of the beginning revisited in a fresh way. Excellent SFX. Good pace. Good actors. Fighting sequences too long for my taste. Seen in IMAX 3D: stunning!


good special effects but quite unsatisfactory story. Could have been much better!

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

still of of my favorite superhero. still excellent SFX. original plot, good humor

The Great Gatsby

visually magnificent, bold contamination with modern music, great acting. I cannot remember the previous movies, but I liked this one for sure

Cowboys & Aliens

mixes two genres with mixed results. At times funny - never really scary. Good for an easy relaxing evening

Upside Down
Upside Down(2013)

stunning images, great special effects, fascinating and metaphoric dystopia, but the plot is weak. I think Jim Sturgess has a very limited set of facial expressions - I prefer Kirsten Dunst. Overall disappointed

Zero Dark Thirty

very well done action movie - compelling because it's history. The action appears to be realistic and for this reason more engaging that a Hollywood hype. Jessica Chastain's portrait of the CIA agent excellent. Bigelow's direction impeccable.


well done, good pace, scientifically accurate


really excellent and atypical scifi movie. Hawke, Law and Thurman are perfect. The story is interesting and quite original with several plot twists. Moving finale. Given the low budget, brilliant choice of sets, rather symbolic and still fascinating after many years. Deserves a place in the best scifi movies of all times.


the hype I have heard probably contributed to some disappointment. Daniel Day-Lewis acting is superb, and so is the recreation of an era long-gone. But I was it seemed a little slow in the first half and never really captivating my full attention

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

a masterpiece! I loved it. Time-spanning saga, interconnected lives in different ages, with a great science fictional finale. Excellent actors often difficult to recognize in different environments. The music, the performances, the rhythm..all very good. I enjoyed to references to famous past scifi movies (Blade runner, Soylent green...). Also very complex, I have to see it again. I think I will buy the book

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

unusual story, visually stunning, emotionally intense, with an unexpected epilogue, several levels of understanding...absolutely recommended

Colpi di fulmine (Lightning Strike)

Italian comedy on love at first sight. A film in two episodes: In the first a psychiatrist, Alberto (played by Christian De Sica) by mistake ends up fugitive from the IRS. Afraid to go to jail before he could clarify his position, disguises himself as a priest and takes refuge in a small village in Trentino, where he pretends to be the new pastor of the small community. Love will strike in an unusual way. In the second part an Ambassador to the Vatican has to learn new manners to approach a low-class fish seller. In my opinion the latter is much better thanks to Greg and Lillo, great comedians.

The Hunger Games

Good film adaptation of a book I enjoyed. Dystopia science fiction, adventure, love⦠The story is based on an extreme extrapolation of what we see in reality shows today. Good acting, excellent costumes. Ready for the rest of the trilogy. The only thing I did not like, as always, is the shaky camera following the actors in the wild.


good action movie - perfect reconstruction of the events in all the details. Good pace, good acting. Affleck is super!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Stunning visual effects, a good start for a new trilogy. The pace is a little slow at times. Peter Jackson lives up to my expectations

The Angels' Share

lively comedy with a satisfying ending. The characters are well portrait. A bleak future for the young protagonist changes with an unexpected plot.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

good I love the character, del Toro is a great director very rich visual effects


Good Bond movie - fantastic chase runs, very good acting, good story. If I compare to the early movies of the series, the plot is superior. Few segments are a little slow. Bond girls are up to their fame. I loved to see again the Aston Martin DBS. I cannot believe this is the 50th anniversaryâ¦.

Grave Encounters

creepyâ¦tenseâ¦but not innovative


I expected much more from Ridley Scott. Visually stunning, great special effects butâ¦.the story did not really engage me. Many scenes are now clichà (C)s : a talking robot's headâ¦. a monster coming out of your bodyâ¦.. etc etc You cannot compare this movie to Alien!!


I liked it - a new heroine added to the Disney characters and an interesting story. Visually lavish as usual. On the other hand, not on the top of Disney's movies

Snow White and the Huntsman

a fresh look to an old storyâ¦..Charlize is really great in this movie

The Amazing Spider-Man

great superhero movie! Good pacing, good acting, amazing 3D effects. Waiting for the sequel...

Marvel's The Avengers

great action, SFX, humor......pure entertainment

Little White Lies

very nice french comedy - excellent acting , moving moments...

Alice in Wonderland

lots of fun, great settings

6 Souls
6 Souls(2013)

thriller-psycho-horror good acting well paced but I did not particularly like the magic elements

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

fun fun fun sfx and 3D fx well done captures the original sense of wonder exactly what I was hoping to see

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

an excellent movie, a good bet for best movie of the year
the actors are fantastic, the sets perfectly recreated and the story flows quickly with some very cleaver surprises.
It's wonderful to enjoy so much a silent black and white movie in the era of 3D and THXâ¦.


good action and suspence, great photography

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

pure entertainment!!! exactly what you want from a Mission Impossible movie. great locations, and Tom Cruise is as good as always

The Iron Lady

stunning performance by Meryl Streep. The life of the prime minister was quite unique and her last days sad, but the story and plot not really engaging

La solitudine dei numeri primi (The Solitude of Prime Numbers)

quite slow, gloomy atmosphere, Mattia for his role has to keep an inexpressive face....

In the Cut
In the Cut(2003)

good thriller Meg Ryan performance excellent I liked the twist at end

J. Edgar
J. Edgar(2011)

good movie. not as good as other works bt Eastwood. DiCaprio makes an excellent performance

Midnight in Paris

A good movie up to Woody Allen's standards. great moment when he realizes what has happened to him. great lines in the script - I loved the one on groupies!

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

ottimo ritmo angosciante il finale non delude farrell e Whitaker danno ottima prova


quite predictable sci-fi story contaminated by zombies. many scenes are directly pulled from Alien and Star Wars. An unexpected twist at the end made the movie more interesting

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

I had read some bad reviews, and the movie was a pleasant surprise. Obviously low budget, but good photography and good acting. Recommended for people who love ancient Rome. Few details are not believable, such as running the entire Scotland faster than a horse....

Captain America: The First Avenger

I liked it less than other recent Marvel movies. Best things for me were the horrendous arch enemy - with the fascinating Hydra - and the hilarious role of the hero as entertainer of american troops

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

really a good movie. Intelligent, you can make a good Scifi movie without big special effects but with interesting ideas


I enjoyed it - but it cannot be compared to gladiator. Good acting, beautiful landscapes. A couple of incongruities: nobody can run continuously across Scotland, and there is no way a Roman legatus cannot wipe off a legion from the records...

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Natalie Portman is really a great actress. A gripping and thrilling story. Good rhythm. I liked the end with a twist...Oscar deserved.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Good special effects, but not much beyond that.

Across the Universe

saw it on DVD; great!!! I knew all the songs, what a pleasure to listen again in new versions, VERY well done! Nice story, great acting, great photography. This is a must for someone who loved the Beatles....

Barney's Version

I saw the undubbed original version. A moving story, never obvious, a rich set of characters. Great acting. Dustin Hoffman is up to his fame. I liked the soundtrack as well. Recommended.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

better than the second of the series
excellent special effects

Disneynature Oceans

ggod documentary
Italian dubbing terrible


an unusual and good historical movie

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

fast paced, good acting, elaborates on historic facts
As usual, I don't like the handheld camera

Slumdog Millionaire

probably the best movie of the year