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The Shawshank Redemption

" They Send You Here For Life Thats Exactly What They Take"
The Plot
Andy Dufrene is sent too Shawshank prision for sending his wife and her lover. As he gets too Shawshank he doesn't really make many friends because of his mild manner. But the longer he stays he starts too make many friends especcially Red ( Morgan Freeman) who he hangs close too and as the story develops it shows the prision is not as white as white.

My Review
Firstly this movie was robbed at the oscars by forrest gump. The reason i think this is because this movie is BRILLIANT. The acting is class especially by the underrated Tim Robbins. The storyline is phenomenal. People say this film is overated but it isnt at all. Evreyone has too see this movie cause it is simply PHENOMENAL

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

" A royale with cheese "
The Plot
The story opens with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin who decide they need too rob a diffrent venue so they try a cafe. Vincent and Jules are two hitmen who just go about shooting all their people who are late on payment. But between the film Vincent is asked too babysit his hot boss's daughter while Jules is thinking of giving up his life of crime. Bruce Coolridge is a prizefighter who is on the run from his boss and there is a funny and violent scene where Bruce and his Boss gets kidnapped. Lastly it all fits together at the end with Jules and vincent being in the cafe that Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are robbing.

My Review
This is possibly one of the greatest films ever made and certainly Tarantino's best. This is so brilliantly acted by John Travolta and Uma Thurman in paticular. Also the humour well it depends if you like dark humour.This movie is nuts and i know people say it over rated but it not the reasons i think this is it is set out like a comic book which is genius and the one liners and the humour in this film are brilliant. This is one of the films you gotta see.
Look out for Tarantino Near The End

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

"Beam It Up Scotty"

The Plot
The fate of the galaxy rest in 2 enemys Spock and Kirk. Kirk a human who has lived a normal life. Spock a half human half alien who been dreaming too be the captain of the enterprise since he was old enough too think. But will these 2 rivals settle their diffrences and save the galaxy?

My Review
This is a brilliant made film. I havent seen any other star trek films so i cant compare but the acting is brilliant especially from Zachary Quinto. In my opinon with the exception of the dark knight this is the best summer film in a long time. Secondly this is so funny especially with Simon Pegg in the equation and it is not geeky at all. This is a must see


"As far back as i can remember i always wanted too be a gangster"

This film is based on a real life gangster who is half irish who enters the mafia and the story follows him on the next 25 years of his life through his pain and pleasure

In my opinon this is the greatest film ever made better than the godfather,better than the shawshank redemption better than evreything. But the things that makes it so brilliant is the dialouge,the acting of the greatest actor in the world robert de niro. Also the storyline we all know it's real but how Martin Scorsese makes it feel. This is truly the one film evreyone must see and so was robbed with not winning an oscar for this masterpiece.

Along Came Polly

Unlike some reviewers on here i actully thought this was good and i'm a guy

Reuben (Ben Stiller)gets cheated on by his wife Lisa on their honeymoon. But when he gets back he meets the carefree no strings attached Polly (Jenifer Aniston) but as he starts to fall in love with her. Does she want him?

I thought this film was really decent, not too soppy at times. Its good to see Jenifer in something good other than friends and Ben Stiller is brilliant as always. Id say if u got some spare time watch it


Evreything i heard about this movie i expected to hate it. My girlfriend dragged me to see it but guess what apart from batman i thought it was one of best films of 2008.

The Plot
A bit of an unpopular girl in Phoenix decides to move to Forks after her dad remarries. In Forks she meets Edward (robert patterson) who she has a crush on but he is hiding a dark secret what only his family knows.

Based on the novel by Stephanie Mayer

My Verdict
Okay in some points i felt a bit sickly cause of the romance but the acting of these young actrs is phenomonal okay not Robert De Niro class but still brilliant. I thought the storyline is far fetched but it draws you in and in my opinion this could be the new Harry Potter and even more succeseful. An absolutley brilliant film

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

How can this film be rated so highly it is utter shit.

The Plot
A girl who wants to get married and she wants her real dad and cause her mum was a slut she ends up with 3 and she dunt no which is real one.

The plot is weak the vocals are awful and well pearce brosnan and julie walters let face it cant sing a chord. You lose intrest after 30 mins. Thank god it dint win any oscars. Seriously so over rated

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

The Plot
Walt is sick of immigrants moving to America so when he gets a korean family move next door he doesnt like it one bit but theres a suprise twist.

Clint Eastwood
Clint is amazing as the angry old man who hates life and hates his family ancd he is also brilliant as the other side of the charecter who cant put the other side of his life away and cant forget about his days in Korea which haunt him

My Verdict
This is a must see film which will be dismissed at the oscars tonight cause of yes the better slumdog and the dark knight but it is a great film on its own and a must see


The Plot
Bolt (John Travlota) is a star in a hit tv show he is a dog who thinks he has super-powers because of his role in the show. He stars in this show with his companion Penny (Miley Cyrus) . But in one of the episodes Penny gets kidnapped and Bolt thinks it for real so he goes on the run to save her.

The verdict
It is okay if it a wet day and bored or if ur watching it with children but dont think it be a big film it nt up to heights of toy story or finding nemo. It had a few laugh and the story gets a bit boring half way through so just watch if u want a good cartoon

The Dark Knight

" Whatever doesnt kill u simply makes you stranger"

The Plot
Christian Bale returns of his role as batman since batman begins and Gotham has changed a lot since then. The joker is in town (Heath Ledger) and he planning on carnage.

Heath Ledger
He has been the talk of the moment and he should be. His performance as the joker is phenomenal. He plays him psycho funny he just brilliant. I dont wanna say this but this is one of his only good films.

The verdict
I think you have guessed bloody phenomenal if u have to pick 10 films to see in ur life this should be in ur top 5

cant wait for the sequel How can they top this so much brilliance of filmaking?

Slumdog Millionaire

My mum dragged me to see this film and i wasnt expecting much i just went coz i think dev patel was good in skins. But i was truly blown away a true look at urban india and how some people live horrible lives. The first 45 minutes is preety hard hitting though so beware but then it picks up when he goes on the game show not to win a miilion pounds like evrey other human being but to win something else seriously see it is a good watch i just dont think id watch again straight away. Then it ends with an bollywood dance at the end lol :P just watch now


It seems most people on this site dont like rock n rolla but it cause there all comparing them too lock stock and snatch if this was before them this would be getting high reviews. I absolutley loved it the plot was amazing and just yes watch it kinda reminded me of godfather at the end u understand when u watch but seriously a good london gangster film

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

I loved this film it showed a man who didnt have much left in his life and he only got wrestling and his daughter left. Oscar winning performance from mickey aint seen him anything else but deffo gonna now.No bad points except reminded me a bit of the new rocky film except 1000000x more fantastic. If there one film you see this year its this