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Café Society
Café Society (2016)
16 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Beautifully-shot melancholy from Woody Allen and Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. A blend of comedy and drama that ends in a transcendently wistful final montage.

Star Trek Beyond
16 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Tremendously disappointing! Jumbled, flat, boring, with an endless string of mindless action sequences. Simon Pegg and Doug Jung seriously whiff with their time at bat. Justin Lin is a talented director. But, there's zero he can do.

National Parks Adventure
17 months ago via Flixster

Very Disappointing

Considering you gotta fork over a full-price ticket to see a short-subject film, I was certainly disappointed.

The film inexplicably features three people who use the National Parks as their personal playground. Bizarrely, the film spends 10 minutes or so watching them cooking, riding in their car, tightrope walking, whatever. A true waste of time. Maybe these three people in the movie were related to the director? I have no idea.

Add to it the bizarre disservice done to who should have showed up in the movie and been the centerpiece: Native Americans. Having three white people as the centerpiece was a truly strange way to "celebrate" our National Parks.

If you have ever heard the stories Native Americans have about the lands of our country, you would be transfixed! Truly fascinating. If we had heard about how they worship the land and believe in its power, it would have made a tremendous difference. Instead, all we get is a brief reference to it by off-screen narrator Robert Redford.

A true missed opportunity, and a true disappointment.

?? (2 Stars Out of 5)